Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Out with the Old, In With the New!

To all of my knitting friends, new and old, we would like to wish you all a very Happy, Prosperous, Healthy New Year. Here's to 2009!
Happy Knitting!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Harlotty Scarf Cause Baby it's Cold Outside!

Yes, even in the sunny South. 50 is considered cold down here. Eat your hearts out all you New Englanders that are getting snow!

This is the Yarn Harlots One Row Scarf done on size 9 needles.
Very easy, very relaxing and oh, so soft in Malabrigo worsted. I have 3 more skeins. Might make 3 more things. Gift? No. For me. I wanted to use up every last drop of yarn. This is the pattern stitch close up. I haven't blocked it yet, or washed it, but hubby and I keep putting it on. It's so snuggly!
The Baby Girl is coming home tomorrow, then to the Drs. on Monday about her jaw again. It's bothering her, so a CAT scan has been ordered to see what it's all about. Then, well, then Tuesday she's leaving me for 4 days to go to the mountains with her friend to visit her Grandma- my Mom. Do they ever stay home and just visit? Nope, didn't think so. Keep your fingers crossed about the jaw. Jeesh, we don't want to have to go thru all that again!

And since she's leaving, I figure I may as well leave too, so I'm headed in the opposite direction with the oldest Baby Girl to find a new yarn shop I've never been to. And she's got a friend that lives over there that's going to drive us around! He wondered if I'd be upset if he sat in the car while we shopped at the yarn shop cause he doesn't know anything about yarn. She told him "heck no, when Mom shops at a yarn shop she likes everyone to stay out of her way cause she doesn't like anyone knowing how much money she spends." Whatta kid! Gotta love em.

Happy Knitting!
oh, and the grandfather will be just fine. He offered to stay at the oldest baby girls house to wait for the bus! How can you beat that? We have no curfew!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

They'll be Home for Christmas!

Just found out that they'll all be back, the Baby Girl (of course, expected her to come home), the Baby Boy, my Parents, and the oldest Daughter will all be here for Christmas. The grandkids are all going to their father's for Christmas and the oldest isn't too fond of waking up alone on Christmas morning, so she'll be spending the night here Christmas Eve to have an old fashioned Christmas morning, just like when she was a kid. The Baby Girl will be driving home this weekend and will be home for about a month! YAY! And, the Baby Boy will be arriving Christmas Day, after his Christmas Eve traditions he started when he moved up near Atlanta. The parents will be here the Tuesday before Christmas. So, I'm having Christmas dinner, first in 2 years, and everyone's gonna be here. Yup, I'm happy!

Mr. Maroonjeans; aka Mr. Greenjeans from Knitty Just have the sleeves to go and it's all done. I'm doing it in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, color Candy Apple, 3/4 sleeves. Loved working those cables without a cable needle.
Guess I better go decorate some more. Lots to do and today nothing got done cause of the weather. When it's this bad my sinus's don't cooperate. We've had severe thunderstorm watches/warnings, tornado watches/warnings and lots and lots of rain. So, I had a nice long nap with the puppies and not much else.

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Itty Bitty, Teeny Tiny Bears and Socks

Teeny Tiny Little Bear
From: here to here
Yarn: Palette by Knit Picks

Tiny Christmas Stocking
From the same place. I went to So Much Yarn, So Little Times sight and found this website for the stocking and the bear. Lots of fun and super fast.

Got a dang toothache so that's it from me. Why is it you never need a Dr. or a Dentist Monday - Friday, it's always on Friday night, Saturday or Sunday? My own fault, should have gone a long time ago.

Have a great week and Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Turkey's, Cakes and Beret's

Did you all survive the big Thanksgiving feast? Wow, I need to do the Wii Fit every single day between now and Christmas if I'm going to eat like that again! I know better too. I can't eat all that stuff, but it sure did taste good. It's all gone now, so back to eating right. We had dinner at our Oldest Daughters. Here's 1/3 of the table. This table spans the length of her livingroom AND her diningroom!
She not only made the whole dinner, she also made this to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of my Heart Attack. My favorite cake - chocolate with white frosting. My heart was very happy!
I made this tam for my oldest Granddaughter. I've had this yarn forever, and this hat only used a little over a skein. I was hoping to use it up. I'm trying to knit with yarn I have because, well, I have way too much!
Ravelry pattern:Baroness Beret by Susan Power
Yarn: Green and white GGH something (This is unblocked)

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pug Knit Swap

This was a fun swap, even though we kind of got off to a bad start. I was away on one of my mini vacations when I was supposed to reply with my name and address, or something and my Blackberry cannot sign in to Ravelry for some reason. But, we figured it all out and this package was awesome!
My swap partner, Smatchell, made these. I love them! They'll work with so many projects and my favorite color, too. They came in the cute little red change purse, my other favorite color. This one couldn't keep her head, nose and body out of the box! She could smell something good in there. First thing she pulled out was the box of chocolates, but I quickly told her they weren't for her. She was so funny, just grabbing at anything she could get her mouth around.
Thank you Smatchell. We love every bit of that box, even the pretty purple fabric that everything was wrapped up in!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's a Bit Nippy Outside!

Even for a "Misplaced Yankee" it's a bit nippy outside. The temperature today isn't supposed to get out of the mid 50's and it's going down into the 20's tonight. Brrrrrr! So, the Christmas cactus came in and tonight hubby is bringing in my geraniums because they are full of buds and just beautiful and they need to stay that way so the WHOLE family can see them. I love pulling out the sweatshirts and sweatpants, socks, all the nice "stay warm" gear. In the South you have to get used to doing everything opposite of what you did up North. You wear shorts and t-shirts here 10 months out of the year. Up North I was lucky if I could wear shorts and t-shirts for 2 months. So, everything's totally different, so when this little freeze comes a little earlier than usual, this is one happy North/Southerner!

I have been trying to spend less time on the computer (have you noticed?) and more time doing other things, like knitting. I finished this and blocked it last week and just love it, and love the color.

Clapotis at Knitty

Yarn: Shaefer Laurel 100% Pima Cotton

Weight: Worsted

Needles: Size 8 Brittany

Color: Can't remember - I'll find it sometime.

Bought at Stings and Strands in Atlanta on my trip with DH.

The shawl under it is one that I made way back when I first started on this journey of lace knitting. The pattern is in one of my knitting books but it's been so long since I did it I don't remember. I have a huge bookcase and it's full of knitting books, magazines, and trying to find one quick isn't easy. Very unorganized bookcase.

Kauni Sweater
I've also finished this sweater from a knit-a-long I did last winter. I finished it in quick order but then died out on the sleeves. I still don't like the sleeves but they're going to have to do. It's not like I'm ever going to wear it. It is cold here, but not cold enough for a 100% wool sweater. I don't like wool.
I liked that the sleeves aren't exactly the same. Some people did them exactly alike but it's the character of the sweater and the yarn. Doing sleeves from the shoulder down, in the round, on double pointed needles is not fun. Next time I'll try a different way, or just do them flat and sew them in. Finishing a sweater is a chore, but once I get the needle and thread going it doesn't matter if I have to sew in sleeves. And the join will look a whole lot better than where the end of the round is when using double pointed needles.
last weekend on my coupon shopping spree. I got him in Bath and Body Works if you want one. He has a candle inside (take off his head) and this one is Spice. They also have Evergreen.

That's all of the yarn I have left after the sweater. It was 2 skeins of Kauni in the EQ colorway. That's a lot of yarn. I bought more too, in pinks, to make a shawl/stole. Someday. Just not enough hours in my day to knit all the things I see that I want.

If anyone can explain to me (again) how to get the writing beside these pictures instead of having to keep writing either on top of or under them, please tell me. I need to spend a day just reading all this blogger stuff so I can figure out what the heck I don't know. I can't get a picture in my header either, so, still a boring blog.

Happy Knitting!
Edited to Note! Well, I decided my little Penguin would look better above my writing and when I moved him, all the writing went along side him. So, guess I sort of figured that part out, accidently. Jeesh!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veteran's Day/Happy Birthday

Every year on this date I'd send my father-in-law an e-card, thanking him for all his dedication and sacrifice for our country. He passed away 5 years ago, but I still like to mention it here on November 11th. This year I'd like to wish all the service men and women a very Happy Veteran's Day and a big Thank You for all you've done to keep us safe.
Veterans Day MySpace Comments and Graphics
Veterans Day MySpace Layouts Photobucket Login - Upload Pics and Videos
Free Comments and Graphics
And, you know what I was doing 28 years ago today?Giving birth to this handsome kid! Happy Birthday Baby Boy. I love you lots and lots!

My Clapotis is now an FO and is blocking. My Kauani Sweater just needs the ribbing around the edges of the sleeves. Not much else going on, just enjoying this beautiful weather and getting the house ready for Thanksgiving company. The Baby Girl, The Baby Boy, The Grandson and the Parents are all going to be home for the big bird this year so we're all getting pretty excited.

Happy Veteran's Day to all and Happy Birthday kiddo.

Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Anniversaries and Clapotis!

Can you believe it! I forgot my blogaversary. It was in June and I am always thinking it's in February for some reason. How sad. I bought a new car and couldn't think of anything else. So, Happy 3rd Belated Blogaversary to the Scrappy Knitter blog!

I've also been knitting. It's kind of hard to go away and spend 4 days at a campground with 2 happy dogs and a husband that's off shooting clays and not have some knitting to do. And, because I wasn't interrupted once, I actually got alot of it done.
This one spends all her time on the table. Bad pug! If you look behind her you can see the ball of yarn on our bed for the Clapotise. Only the decrease rows to go and it'll be done. I'm making it in Shaefer Yarn Laura, in a buttery yellow with white, darker yellow and pale grey. Lots of fun. It's not a shawl, I made it narrower so I can use it as a scarf.

I'm doing a Pug Knit swap with the Ravelry Pug Group and have to have it all in the mail by Friday. This is my first official swap and it's lots of fun collecting things for your partner. I'll show pictures of it AFTER she gets it. Never know when someone might actually pop in and read this blog.

No more traveling till after the holidays. Ruby (the new car) and I need a break. I had a great visit with my son and my best friend. We shopped! And we shopped some more. And when we got tired we'd eat and then shop some more. Great time! Now we're staying home to get ready for Thanksgiving, my 2 year anniversary (non-smoker and heart attack surviver) and the whole family coming for dinner at the oldest daughters. I can't wait! We'll all be together again for 4 whole days.

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I've been tagged

The Nautical Knitter tagged me. Thank you DK! This is the first time I've ever been tagged. Here goes. I also got that cute tag above from her. It's a picture on my blog, I had to use it.

  1. When I was a child I showed Ashyire cows, in a show ring. Gramp was a dairy farmer, and that's what dairy farmers' kids and grandkids did. It was a lot of work, but I loved it.
  2. I met my husband when I was 11, became his girlfriend at 13, was engaged to him at 17 and married him at 18. We've been married 33 years, 2 months and 1 week. :o)
  3. Our oldest daughter was named after the county/burrow we honeymooned in. She is the only person in the USA with that name, although there is a farm in Ohio with the same name. And JFYI, she was born 2 years after the honeymoon!
  4. I have never knit myself a sweater. I've knit scarves, bags but never a sweater or anything to wear. Why? I've tried. They never fit. My Mom has a closet full of knit sweaters. :o(
  5. I never bought LYS yarn until 3 years ago when I read my first blog. Now I wish I hadn't bought so much.
  6. I collect bags like most people collect Santa Clauses. I can't get enough.
So, there's a few things I'm assuming you didn't know about me, unless you happen to be related, then it doesn't count.

Knitting wise I've done very little. I've torn out almost everything I've started, so now I'm just wondering if I should just give up on it for awhile. I also have a really sore left elbow that I think is either a pinched nerve or a really fast case of arthritis that set in. I'm going with the pinched nerve. It really bothers me after working on something heavy, like that dang February Ladies Sweater that I want so bad but just can't seem to get right. So, not much knitting.

I'm off to Atlanta for a week. Hope you all have a great knitting week while I'm gone.

Oh, yeah, I have to tag 7 people. Wow, I'm not sure I know 7 people to tag.

Nautical Knitter
RedDirt Knitter
Felt Like Knitting

Well, 5 isn't bad. I received the invite a week ago and have been thinking about it and making notes since. Give it some thought, it's fun.

Happy Halloween!
Percival Pumpkin: by the Baby Girl
Happy Knitting!

Monday, September 29, 2008

How About a List?

This is the worst blog ever, I'm sure. I've done alot of traveling this summer and have issues with both computers, so things around ScrappyKnitter Blogland are slow! Here's the list of where I've been:

Atlanta (3x)
Macon/Atlanta - 9 days
Palm Coast Florida - 7 days
Blairsville, GA - 9 days
Several weekends at different places for shooting tournaments

What I've been knitting (and sorry, no pictures because of the computer issues again):

February Lady Sweater - totally frogged after 2/3rds done
Still working on the Goddess Knits Anniversary shawl
Baby sweater for a friend-about 2 inches of the last sleeve to go
Jared's doily afghan- that'll take forever, but I'm in no hurry
Log Cabin Afghan-work on that when I need to talk/visit
Nantucket Jacket, in pink, for my Mom - special order!

I'm also getting real anxious to sew again. Another great blogger (Stringplay) had a link to a fun little bag to sew and while spending the week at my Mom's she and I made one for the Baby Girl. I'm going to make another one for me, it's a great little project bag to keep in the car.

I joined a pug swap on Ravelry but my Blackberry can't/won't get Ravelry and while I was at my Mom's we were all supposed to send in our address and all, but, since I couldn't get it on my phone I missed it and I guess they've dropped me. I was kinda sad cause I've never done one and thought it would be fun. Guess next time I better take my laptop, even though it's not working right now, atleast then it did and I could have done things on time. Poo!

I'm going out of town for another week to visit a very good friend and my Baby Boy so I might not have another entry till the end of Oct, first of November, but I'm always thinking about what to write and tell you all (all, like I have a ton of people out there in the world reading this sad excuse of a blog). And of course, I'm always reading yours. I can read them on my phone so that's my nighttime reading when I'm out of town. I love it! I'll try to figure out how to get pictures in here too, or, get the dang laptop fixed.

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Another month. Someone needs to invent a way to get time to slow down just a tad.

I've been traveling! The beginning of August we took the Baby Girl to her new college. After a few days BTB had a Tournament so we spent 9 days near the big city. We stayed in a beautiful campground and while he shot clays I worked on this. The pattern is Ice Queen from Knitty. I did it in Kidsilk Haze, on size 5 KP Options and used caramel colored clear seed beads #8. It's as light as air and so pretty. It's a smoke ring/lace cowl/wimple.

Went to 3 different yarn shops but I think Creative Yarns in Macon was my favorite. And this is BTB favorite bag that I've ever purchased. He loved it. I love it! It's a knitting bag with enough room for everything - including the kitchen sink. It's a Namaste bag in the Cali Collection, Laguna, color Saddle. If you go to the website (click on link) be sure and click on photo's, under the big picture - it's huge!

Here's BTB getting ready for his next shoot. It was lots of fun, being outside in the gorgeous air and watching the love of my life doing something he enjoys!
Can you guess who this is? She had just come from seeing the new Superman Movie. Yup, that's my 20 year old Baby Girl. The house is empty without that face! Oh, and she can open her mouth all the way! She came home the end of August for her 3 month checkup and her doctor said "go, eat what you want, just remember, if it hurts, don't eat it anymore. Play your clarinet, do whatever you want as long as it doesn't hurt!" So, where'd she want to go for lunch that day? For a steak!
This is the Goddess Anniversary KAL Pi Shawl I've been working on forever (well, May seems like forever for one project.) It takes me a little over an hour to do one row! I'll love it when it's done but it might not be for another 10 years.

Been working on other stuff but some things made it thru, some things haven't. My February Ladies sweater, which I loved, got frogged because of some mistake I made in the yoke - it puckered and I couldn't figure out why so frogged it. I'm working on an adorable baby sweater for a friends little, brandy new baby boy, but that too has been ripped out 5 times now! Tonight I started it again for the 6th AND FINAL time! I'll try to get pictures this week, if it continues to grow!

I spent a week in Florida with a friend whose husband has been in the hospital for 80 something days. She was so happy just to have someone to talk to at night, drive her to the hospital and home again and someone to eat lunch/dinner with. He's doing much better and hopefully he'll be home soon.

Next week I'm leaving for another week, this time to the cool mountains to spend time with my Mom and Dad. My favorite spot when life gets too crazy is on their front porch watching the sun come up, then watch it go down and walking around the neighborhood. You can't beat that cool, crisp air in Sept! It's still pretty hot and muggy here in the Southern end of the state. And I have word from a very reliable source that there's a nice yarn shop further up in those mountains, so I'm hoping to talk them into taking me for a "ride" one day. After that trip I'm going to go spend a week with the friend I made the Ice Queen for, and my Baby Boy. We can shop till we drop and eat at all the best places for a solid week! She said to skip the diet for a week, so I'm skipping it! My grandkids tell me I never stay home now that I have Ruby, my new car. I think they're right, but it keeps me busy, gives me something fun to do and most of the places I go are easy to get to. With that car it's really, really easy!

Maybe I'll get with it and get some pictures of my "yarn haul" from my trips. Didn't buy any, not one bit, while in Florida but I bought a few beautiful things on our other trip. Had to put something in that big ole bag.

Have a great September and Happy Knitting!

ETA! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Oldest Baby Girl, who turned 31 (ouch) on the 4th of September!
And, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful middle grandchild who turned 11 on Sept 3rd. Happy Birthday you two, I love you lots and lots.

Monday, August 04, 2008

StringPlay, This One's for You!

Bluebird of Happiness
I had to add something to help make it better!

I met a wonderful person when I went to Atlanta last September to see the Yarn Harlot at Knitch. We ended up sitting next to each other, started talking (she even gave me a piece of her Hershey Bar!) and have talked ever since via blogs and e-mails. She does some amazing things with "string", not just with yarn. She gets after me every now and then for not blogging. She's right, I don't, but I'm just not feeling the "love" for this blog that I once did. For one thing I don't understand it, how to make 'this turn into that' and all the stuff my 12 year old granddaughter can do with her eyes closed. So, this post is for you, StringPlay.

My computer has decided that it no longer wants to download pictures from my SmartCard so I haven't been able to put pictures in here in quite a while. I'm a picture taker too, but just haven't sat down to figure out the problem. When my kids computers act up I can fix them in a second, when its mine it takes forever! The only way to take pictures is with my new phone. Oh, it's a SUPER phone! I can take a picture, send it to my own e-mail address and then open it in my e-mail and save it to my computer. Problem is, I live out in the middle of nowhere-ville and the internet connection, even though I have a Verizon phone and a Verizon tower less than 2 miles from my house, doesn't work. I can't think of any other way to get them on here.

Here's the list. I'm doing the Goddess Knits Anniversary KAL, I'm working on a surprise for a good friend (must remember to put it on Ravelry, she doesn't knit), I'm working on the February Lady Surprise sweater (a few more repeats of the pattern rows and it'll be done), Hemlock Ring Blanket in a pretty green All ready with yarn and beads to start the SOTiii KAL on the 15th of August (Secret of The Stole #3) and signed up for this years Mystery Stole 4 with Pink Lemon Twist and her Mom. Actually, it's her Mom this year, but she's helping out. I have all my yarns ready, patterns printed out and beads and needles picked, ready for the day to begin. I also need to get a baby sweater in there somewhere but I don't think the little guys going to need it right off quick around here. It's 99 in the shade and the humidity is right up there around 80 something. Real pleasant! Now you know why I have a ton of lace to knit. Too hot for much else. He'll have it by the time it's getting chilly around here'; around Thanksgiving (on a good year) or maybe Christmas.

I was in Atlanta this past weekend and if it weren't for the crazy traffic and CRAZIER drivers, I'd love that city. A word of warning to any of you not from Atlanta that want to go visit. If you're not accustomed to driving 85-90 MPH, stay off Interstate 85 and 75. They'd rather run you over than just slow down a minute. Whew, glad I've got the new car - move you must! Anyway, back to my trip. I didn't visit any yarn shops this time but I'm going back again next week and hope to visit several of them. Not that I need yarn, I'm on a yarn hiatus - I can't stand having this much yarn. Yeah, sounds crazy but it makes me feel like I have to be knitting 24/7 - cause, well, I bought it, I better use it. I'm a sucker though and walk into these yarn shops I've never been in and the first hand painted, silky, hand spun yarn I see has to come home with me. But, they don't count, they're my souvenir yarns.

Saturday we're headed to Alabama to take the Baby Girl to her new college. Yup, no more lunches with her 45 minutes up the road. I will now have to travel several hours (she says 4 1/2, her Dad says 6) to get to her. I'm real happy for her for being accepted to the college she wants to go to and getting lots of scholarships to go there, but I'm really sad ( these dang misty eyes, that's just NOT me) she'll be so far away! Now you know why I have the new phone. Got her one too so we can "keep in touch." We're also going to Atlanta to visit our grandson and hopefully catch up with our Baby Boy for a meal and LOTS of yarn shopping - I mean, looking.

How much more boring can a blog get? No pictures, no yarn, just blah!
and his little friend
Happy Knitting!

Friday, July 04, 2008

July is Birthday Month Around Here!

HAPPY 4th of JULY!

This one turned 5 years old today.

This one turned 20 yesterday. She got to spend her birthday having surgery to repair her jaw due to TMJ. She's been battling this for a couple of years and the past year has been the worst. Hopefully she is now on the road to recovery.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Knitting and News, News and Knitting

I got a new car! Isn't it pretty? It's a 2008 Dodge Avenger complete with sunroof, spoiler and a My Gig system. I love it! 4 Days after it arrived I took off for 2 weeks.
I started this scarf and got about 1/3 done with it when I realized I wouldn't have enough yarn. So, it's now a ball.
This is a vest that today is almost done. It's from Folk Vests, called Sakiori II. Lots of fun and quick.
I had one skein of Schaefer Yarns Anne and it was such a bright color I wasn't sure what to do with it. I made these 3 bags for my 2 week vacation to the No. Georgia Mountains.
A little blue bird, just cause I needed something quick that wasn't going to NOT fit.
And, another, bigger blue bird. Both patterns were free on
This is my apothecary jar. It's huge! It's the perfect size for holding some of my lace weight yarn.
Jared's Hemlock Blanket. It's alot bigger than this now. Great knit and fun to see grow.
Yup, The Baby Girl is still battling the jaw/teeth/ear thing. She's having physical therapy here. They've finally decided it's TMJ. She had exploratory surgery this past Monday and goes in on her 20th birthday to have the surgery to fix it. Does it ever end? Nope............
This one fell sound asleep on the arm of the chair in the livingroom and fell off it, hit the floor, but got up and walked around. She limped alittle, but that was it. 3 months later we take her to the vet to find out why she's so sick looking and the poor thing broke 2 vertebrae in her back! So, she gets carried around alot and has to take an aspirin a day. Yup, it's pathetic around here.
This is my niece from RI. She came to visit in February.
This is the Baby Girl. She went to visit my niece in RI in December/January. Her first solo flight without Mom or Dad. Yup, we were a wreck!
Mittens - in the South? Well, I wanted to try them and they are pretty.
A close up.

That's not all of it but that's all I have time for. Since the pain meds make the Baby Girl woozy I have been elected to drive her to church tonight, so better go get ready. Hope you're all doing okay and are enjoying your summer.
Happy Knitting!