Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Anniversaries and Clapotis!

Can you believe it! I forgot my blogaversary. It was in June and I am always thinking it's in February for some reason. How sad. I bought a new car and couldn't think of anything else. So, Happy 3rd Belated Blogaversary to the Scrappy Knitter blog!

I've also been knitting. It's kind of hard to go away and spend 4 days at a campground with 2 happy dogs and a husband that's off shooting clays and not have some knitting to do. And, because I wasn't interrupted once, I actually got alot of it done.
This one spends all her time on the table. Bad pug! If you look behind her you can see the ball of yarn on our bed for the Clapotise. Only the decrease rows to go and it'll be done. I'm making it in Shaefer Yarn Laura, in a buttery yellow with white, darker yellow and pale grey. Lots of fun. It's not a shawl, I made it narrower so I can use it as a scarf.

I'm doing a Pug Knit swap with the Ravelry Pug Group and have to have it all in the mail by Friday. This is my first official swap and it's lots of fun collecting things for your partner. I'll show pictures of it AFTER she gets it. Never know when someone might actually pop in and read this blog.

No more traveling till after the holidays. Ruby (the new car) and I need a break. I had a great visit with my son and my best friend. We shopped! And we shopped some more. And when we got tired we'd eat and then shop some more. Great time! Now we're staying home to get ready for Thanksgiving, my 2 year anniversary (non-smoker and heart attack surviver) and the whole family coming for dinner at the oldest daughters. I can't wait! We'll all be together again for 4 whole days.

Happy Knitting!


StringPlay said...

Wow, Sheri! You did get a LOT done. It's looking great and I know that yarn must feel heavenly. Sounds like you are having FUN with it, too and that's the most important part. I'll check in again soon to see the whole package. Happy Blogaversary! And most importantly, happy 2nd anniversary of the new,healthy YOU!

theminx said...

Happy happy blogaversary!

Beth said...

Yea for puggy pictures! She's so pretty. You've been doing such a good job taking care of yourself. Way to go!