Monday, August 29, 2005

What am I missing?

I have read and reread how to do this blogging thing and I just can't get the sidebar the way I want it! Okay, I'm great with the computer, can do just about anything on it you'd need, but this part stumps me every time. I tried to put a cute little thingy on the sidebar and it moved my whole sidebar down to the bottom of the page. Why can't blogger write a step by step instructional page for those of us who aren't computer whizzes and who don't have anyone close enough to walk us threw it? I have the most boring looking blog out there and I want to pretty it up! Guess I'll just go back and read some more and see if it clicks in yet.

My newest Lace project during my "Summer of Lace." This is soooo soft! It's the Lace Scarf pattern in Nancy Wiseman's book Shawls, Stoles and Scarves and was a really fun knit. I started it on August 22nd and finished it yesterday, August 28th. I love this yarn, as does everyone who has used it. It's Cathay by Debbie Bliss in color #12009 - almost the exact color of my Crape Myrtle flowers in bloom. Wish you could feel this scarf, it's so silky soft.

This is my Branching Out scarf done in Mountain Colors yarn. Love this yarn too, and love this scarf. It's so soft, light as a feather and just perfect for the chilly football games on Friday nights. It was fast, fun and an easy knit. Might just keep both of these scarves for myself.

That's the latest from here. Still working on the Kiri shawl but the Pacific Northwest shawl is calling my name now that I found some yarn that's not as dental flossy as the Alpaca Cloud I tried doing it on. I am going to try to wait till Kiri is done, but by then my Peacock feathers shawl pattern and yarn should be here so then I'll want to start that one. So many choices! I also just got my box of Knitpicks new yarn, one of each color (can't remember the name) and I just want to keep all those beautiful colors in the box so I can drool over them! Wow, what a great deal - all 30 colors, one of each, for 44.00! Also got some lace weight (not sure why, can't figure out how to knit with that stuff yet), the Lantern Moon bag and a set of row counters. Will try to remember to take a picture for the next blog since this shawl knitting is kind of slow, so might not have any knitting content for awhile.

For all you in Katrina's path, stay safe!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Summer of Lace knitting

I made a scarf last week from Wildfibers yarn. It is so soft! And, there's enough in one hank to make 2 scarves. I took pictures, but they're really blurry so I'll try to take another one later today when I have a model. I'm also working on another lace scarf that is worked one side at a time - first time I've tried that and I love it! It's in the Nancy Wiseman book of Scarves, Shawls and Stoles. I'm doing it in a light mauve Cathay Yarn from Debbie Bliss. Oh, it is so soft. I think I might keep it for myself, the other one too.

So, until I get some good pictures, that's it for today. Lots going on around here so I've been busy. I have to try to get better at this blogging, alteast a few times a week. Boring blog, I know, but it's for keeping my work in order and recorded, so for that, I'm doing okay.

STAY OFF THE ROADS! My Baby Girl got her drivers license last week!

Nicky Esptein Class

What an awesome woman this is! I had so much fun and learned alot from her class. I also bought her new book, Knitting Over the Edge. She signed it for me and signed my copy of Knitting on the Edge and Knits for Barbie. I'm so glad I signed up for the class (my very first knitting class ever!) and was thrilled to meet her. She is such an easy person to talk to and visit with, like you could invite her to your house for supper and she might just say "yes." Great time I had.

I just found out that my LYS is going to start a web site. I still can't access it but I'll keep trying and will include the web address when I find it. Great place, fun, helpful and I'll always remember that's where I took my first ever knitting class.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Lots to Tell!

This is Toby, aka Jug Head, Stupid Cat and anything else that comes to mind. This is my Mom's cat (well, really, my fathers) and he's a trip! And eat? All this cat does is eat and stalk birds (for which he gets called a really bad name that I won't mention on here).

This is one of my Mom's sunflowers. She didn't plant them, the birds did. They are all over the place and so pretty. While I was out knitting on her porch one morning I watched a squirrel come and pull the top right off of this sunflower, run across her driveway to the neighbors yard, up their tree and leave the head of the sunflower in the crook of their tree! It was SO FUNNY (my father didn't think so, it was the biggest sunflower of them all) and I have a picture of the squirrel running with it in his mouth. Check this out!

More later, but wanted to get these pictures of my trip to the mountains in here before I forgot. Had a blast, spend bookoo's at the yarn shop up there and will show pictures soon.

Happy Knitting.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

12 Days of no Blogging? Not Good!

Well, it's been a very crazy 12 days, believe me! First, we had school shopping. Took the 3 grandkids first - what a trip they are shopping with! Then of course, had to take my own baby girl, their Auntie (for you southerners out there, that's NOT prounounced like an ant, we're from New England remember) and got her school stuff. Why is it I can buy several outfits, shoes, socks, undies and backbacks and school supplies for 3 little ones and it doesn't cost near what it costs to buy all that same stuff for one 17 year old? Man, she's a big spender! Anyway, they're all properly dressed for back to school and started on Monday the 8th, except the oldest granddaughter, she started Friday the 5th. The reason? Her little brother and sister were supposed to start that day too but he was given the wrong medicine by the pharmacy and ended up in the hospital from the 5th until the 7th from an overdose! If nothing else becomes of this blog, READ YOUR PRESCRIPTION LABELS CAREFULLY! If in doubt, DON'T TAKE IT! My poor daughter! She's been thru the ringer and back again, but it was the pharmacists fault, not hers, and to make a long story short, she has a lawyer. Whew!

So, that's why I haven't blogged in 12 days. My laptop finally came back sometime during all that and I didn't even have time to play with it. But, we're back in action and I have some pictures to share.

This is my feather and fan shawl from the Gathering of Lace book. I didn't do all the repeats, I got really sick of those 3 knitted rows, but it's plenty big enough. Here's one of my little granddaughter modeling it for me (she loves to be my model).

It is a beautiful shawl and was fun doing, until I had enough of the thing, and then it was big enough anyway. I did it in some KPPPM that I bought a few years ago to make the Alligator shawl. That was horrible trying to get thru so my hubby and I undid what I had done and I used the yarn for this. Kind of a practice thing, if you're wondering why all the different colors. It looks kinda neat though, doncha think?

I also took the class with Nicky Epstein, who is TOTALLY AWESOME and I bought her new book, Knitting Over the Edge. I took pictures, but will blog about that tomorrow cause I'm on the PC and I want to put those pictures (still in my camera) on my laptop. So, if you want to see Nicky modeling some cute, adorable hats, stay tuned for tomorrows update.

I've knit a few other things since the Feather and Fan shawl and will do those tomorrow too. I've been busy, in more than just knitting!!!!

Oh, and the "Baby Girl" I blogged about awhile ago, driving the red Dodge - welp, she's going for her drivers license tomorrow and Mom's a wreck! Dad's taking her if I can get her appt changed to the morning, if not, I'll be sitting out there growing more grey hair watching her take the driving test. Oh golly! I'm not sure I'm ready for this.

Happy Knitting.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Pictureless Blogging Again!

The laptop is still at Dell and no word yet when I'll have it back. Their repair guy replaced everything in it except the modem and the monitor and still it didn't work so Dell said send it back to them so they could go over it. So, still no pictures!

Things around here are pretty glum. My DMIL was given 6-9 months after fighting with cancer so we're all sad. She's a wonderful woman and I love her dearly and this is just so hard on her oldest son, my hubby. Anywho.........

Still working on the feather and fan shawl but I think I'm going to call it quits after the next pattern row. I'm sick of it and I really don't like the colors, so this will be the end of it. I have so much lace yarn that I want to use for other projects and hey, it's my life, I can quit if I want, right?

So, another boring post with no pictures. Maybe by next week I'll be back in business.

ta-ta for now.