Saturday, August 27, 2005

Summer of Lace knitting

I made a scarf last week from Wildfibers yarn. It is so soft! And, there's enough in one hank to make 2 scarves. I took pictures, but they're really blurry so I'll try to take another one later today when I have a model. I'm also working on another lace scarf that is worked one side at a time - first time I've tried that and I love it! It's in the Nancy Wiseman book of Scarves, Shawls and Stoles. I'm doing it in a light mauve Cathay Yarn from Debbie Bliss. Oh, it is so soft. I think I might keep it for myself, the other one too.

So, until I get some good pictures, that's it for today. Lots going on around here so I've been busy. I have to try to get better at this blogging, alteast a few times a week. Boring blog, I know, but it's for keeping my work in order and recorded, so for that, I'm doing okay.

STAY OFF THE ROADS! My Baby Girl got her drivers license last week!

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