Saturday, August 27, 2005

Nicky Esptein Class

What an awesome woman this is! I had so much fun and learned alot from her class. I also bought her new book, Knitting Over the Edge. She signed it for me and signed my copy of Knitting on the Edge and Knits for Barbie. I'm so glad I signed up for the class (my very first knitting class ever!) and was thrilled to meet her. She is such an easy person to talk to and visit with, like you could invite her to your house for supper and she might just say "yes." Great time I had.

I just found out that my LYS is going to start a web site. I still can't access it but I'll keep trying and will include the web address when I find it. Great place, fun, helpful and I'll always remember that's where I took my first ever knitting class.

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