Sunday, April 24, 2005

A Middle Aged Moment?

I can't believe it! I am so mad at myself. Talk about your brain being elsewhere. I got the afghan for Amber Nichole all ready to photograph, walked in the office to get the camera, grabbed the tape, scissors, box, wrapping paper and bow and wrapped the dang thing BEFORE I took a picture of it. It came out so cute - it was mint green CottonTots by Bernet (2 skeins) and I did a lacy afghan and I did it small enough to be used in the hot Florida weather. I put little tiny pink bows in each corner of it and made booties to match and put little pink bows on them too. So, it was cute, but you'll have to take my word for it. Jeesh!

Now I'm trying to decide what to make next. I have so many ideas but I'm just not sure what I want to do. I think I want to do the orange cotton sweater but I'm not 100% sure yet. Stand by.

We had a great weekend and got a lot done on my new kitchen! All top cabinets are up, doors on and knobs installed. They are so beautiful!

Love ya,

Friday, April 22, 2005

It's a Wildlife Day!

How cute is this? It's a baby squirrel. He was on the deck and then Dad went out to see what all the commotion was about (the cat was going nuts) and the little thing tried to run right up Dad's leg. Thought he was a tree! Dad was doing some pretty good dancing and yelling. I tried to get a picture of all of him but he was afraid to come out from behind the planter. The cats weren't happy - I put them both in the house till his Mom came and got him. Yuppers, spring is really here! Posted by Hello
These are peaches! They're really only about the size of the end of my thumb - good zoom lens! The trees are loaded with them. Posted by Hello
The little peanuts vest and scarf - tiny huh? All ready to go home with her. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I'm knitting as fast as I can go!

Pictures tomorrow, promise.

I've been trying to finish things up that I've started and put aside for one reason or another and just haven't been ready to take pictures yet. Tomorrow - I should be home all day tomorrow so I can get some pictures on this blog. I think it looks better with pictures when I post, don't you? Anyway, I've had to frog/tink/rip out the white cotten shell 3 times because after not working on it for almost a year or two, I forgot where I was, then thought I knew where I was, then realized after finishing the front that I wasn't where I thought I was. Make sense? Anyway, it's an easy fix, just need to sit down long enough to finish it. It's made with Plymouth Wildflower DK that I bought the first time we went to my favorite LYS.

I also finished the baby afghan in light blue and will get a picture of that tomorrow also. Then there's my shawl that I started with the "rainbow sherbert" yarn! Gorgeous. I'll take a picture of that in progress too.

I'm so excited about the new baby in the world today! Now I have to make another afghan in PINK for Amber Nichole! Reminds me of you, you only weighed 6 lbs 12 oz. Imagine one 6 lbs 4 oz? That's a little girl!

I'm off to pick up your little sister (I hope I can drive) and take her to the gym. Maybe I'll have an early night tonight and can get back to this white shell so it'll be done for the photo op tomorrow.

Love ya,
PS. Frog - as in ripit, ripit (tear it out); tink - unknitting (spell it backwards)
Just a few things I threw in this blog I thought you might need to know.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

4 more down!

Hey there. Well I've made four more cards. I actually did it yesterday but forgot to write to you about it. They are so awesome, I am so proud of myself. Even made one for my baby sister just because I love her! I mailed it out today. I can't wait to come over this week so you can take pictures of them and I have GOT to remember my books so you can take some pictures of them as well! Guess I'll talk to you later. Love ya

Friday, April 15, 2005

What is FO?

Ok, I love absolutely LOVE the vest. It is sooo pretty! I love it.
I have no clue what FO is.
Not having a good night here, so I'll talk to you later.
Love ya!

The Purple Vest is a FO

The vest is finally done! I had done the pockets at 2 different heights so ripped out one side and did it with no pocket. So, today I got around to finishing it. Had to do the ribbing around one sleeve, the neck and then sew in the zipper. It is now blocking, along with the matching scarf. Didn't get a picture of that because I didn't want to unpin it to take it out for a photo op, so I'll take one when it's dry. This one's for your little Peanut! Posted by Hello

I made it with Sirdar Kool Kidz Chunky and started it last spring, so it only took a year to finish this little tiny thing! It's nice to have a FO and one that maybe she can wear before the hot, hot weather gets here. The scarf will have to wait till winter.

Have a lot done on my shawl made with the Rainbow Sherbert cotton yarn. It's about 8 inches, with 2 skeins used, so only 7 more to do. I'll try to get a picture of that over the weekend along with your brother's sock. That hasn't been touched in a few days but I managed to turn the heal so now it's just straight knitting to the end. Might take it tomorrow when we go to the big city cause your sister wants to go see Miss Congeniality II and I can work on that while watching the movie.

Have a great weekend, get lots of scrapbooking done and tell the little Peanut I have a surprise for her!


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Dear Mom, it's Hump Day!

Can you believe it, Wednesday already. I'm so happy. Only two more days to go. Not sure why I look forward to that, then my hellians will be home for the weekend, that's pure torture, isn't it. LOL Just kidding.
I'm so sleepy today, I haven't gotten any scrapbooking done. Shame on me. I think I might take a long hot bath tonight and then work on it when the kids go to bed.
Lexie might be going to AWANA, but I am sitting right here and not moving an inch.
Everyone will be home tonight, so I will be on and off here when I can.
Love you bunches!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Howdy Ho Neighbor....
Who said that? HA! Anyway, been cleaning all evening and now I am too pooped to pop. And I made a chocolate cake for scooter and you know what, I'm not tempted at all. I'm so excited about losing weight and it doesn't even phase me. I guess like they say, when your ready, it happens. And I've been snacking on my soup when I get hungry and it does the trick. I feel like Aunt Jean :-O
Now I am going to go get in the shower and veg in front of the boob tube.
Remember tomorrow morning I am going with Granny to the doc and then hospital so I'll call when I have a moment.
Love you Mom!
This is what I got to do today! We went to town for supper and your little sister talked your father into driving home. Well, that means Mom in the back seat and you know what? It doesn't seem possible I could be old enough to sit in the back seat of one of my kids vehicles! Well, I did, we made it home and she only went off the road twice! Dad's trying to get her to watch the mirrors more often and each time she'd look out the passenger mirror she'd run right off the road. Good Lord, them grey hairs is coming in fast and furious! This child is NOT ready for her drivers license any time soon I tell ya! Posted by Hello


Good Morning!

I am up and doing all my house work so I can do some scrapping for a little bit and then I have to go help Granny for a little while today! Fun, huh. I'm so excited about my cards, I need to get some more... I need to get some plain white, and some warm color ones as well. I'm just having a blast! (Thank you thank you... wouldn't be at all possible without you!)

Well, I hope you've taken more pics of your progress, I love you!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Cards again.

Dear Mom,

Well I did some more scrapping/stamping tonight. Gosh it is so much fun and almost theraputic. I just get so involved in it and it is so relaxing to me. It's just great. I made a Father's Day card for Grandpa. It's really cute, different, but cute. I wish I could take a pic and show you, all in time though. I'll bring it Wednesday and then you can take pics and see it. I started one for Daddy too, but I need a few more accessories for it. Have lots of ideas in my head, but running out of materials. HA! I'm ready to go back to HH Michaels! That place was awesome.

I can't wait to go back to the doctor on the 20th! I know I am going to get another outfit! WooHoo. I'm so siked. All diet stuff in my house and low fat, no fat and no sugar addes! YAY me. I'm even drinking SF kool aid! And it is DELICIOUS. Who would have thought. It's a little more expensive, but good none the less. I've even been buying 1% milk! I am so proud of myself. I need to get that tape from you though and start doing the exercises.

Well, I'll talk to you tomorrow. No email and no jouranling from you!
Love ya Mom... night!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

What a beautiful weekend!

Dear Mom,

What a great weekend, wasn't it?! The weather was beautiful. It couldn't have been any better. Perfect temperature, nice breeze and the greatest sunlight. I loved Scrapping and stamping today with the girls and Alex. The girls definetly need their own supplies. I don't mind sharing with Alex, but I hate the messes they make out of it all (shhhh). We all had fun though.
I loved taking pictures with your digi cam too. I'm addicted. That was so awesome! Thank you for letting me walk around with it. I love the pics I took too.
I am rearranging furniture tonight and washing all the clothes to hang out in the morning. Then I'm going to go back to bed and take a nap in the morning (shhh) and get up and make some more cards. I'm on a mission now, but might actually run out of some supplies. I have so many ideas in my head now. I'm so excited. Thanks for all the goodies you always get me. Without you and them I'd be bored out of my mind.
Oh I do have to clean out the kids bathroom tomorrow, per my DH. He wants me to get it ready so he can get started on that as well. So I am going to go through it get rid of junk and pack up what I want to keep.
I LOVED the baby blanket you were making today. It was sooo soft and cuddly feeling. Oh and Nicks socks were awesome, you need to take a picture of them. Oh and we forgot to get Mickey's new pillow, so I told Lyssa I would get it this week when I visit with you.
Well, more laundry to do, so I'll talk to you in the morning.
Love you Mom! G'night.

What a great day!

Crocheted baby blanket in a knitting blog!? Well, I need it quick and I can crochet a lot faster than I can knit. Love the Brittany crochet hook!

Well, I wanted your picture first, so next time I have to remember to download it last to get it first. I'll get this all straight sooner or later.

Had a great time with you and the kids today! Seeing you and your little sister and the girls scrapbooking/card making on the deck was just awesome and makes me look forward to all the Sundays we get to sit outside and "craft." Making all your own cards is a great way to save a few pennies (to spend on more scrapbooking/cardmaking stuff) and it's great that you can personalize them.

I'll certainly keep my eyes open for a good deal on a digital camera for you for your birthday so you can figure out how to download them into a blog. By then you could start your own blog but right it like you're writing to me. I'm sure you'd decorate this page a whole lot different than I have, cause you're so creative!

Had a great day. Love those pixs.

Love ya,
Mom Posted by Hello
Your little sister isn't too bad at the card making either. She never did say who this one was for, but it's cute, huh? Posted by Hello
Finally! Some scrapbooking to go with this knitting blog. You make the cutest cards. Tina will love this one. Posted by Hello

Friday, April 08, 2005

Here's the Pug. She asked to be in the blog so I gave in.  Posted by Hello

Frogged some, knit some

Did a lot of nothing today!

Not sure if it's the weather or me, but this has been one lazy day.

I frogged the shawl I was making with the Mountain Colors yarn I bought while visiting with your brother last month. The pattern just wasn't doing the yarn justice, so will wait and find something that will work with it. I got started again on the "Faux Beaded Shawl" that I ran out of yarn for, and bought more this week at the Red Needle Cafe. It won't take long to finish, it's done on size 15 needles.

Went to HD with Dad and got some sheetrock for the kitchen and wouldn't you know, it rained on the way home. Okay, it POURED on the way home for all of 5 minutes. Just long enough to get it good and wet. It's "drying" now in the kitchen.

Hope to get some knitting done over the weekend while watching "Bob the Builder" work on my kitchen. Have a few projects to finish up and then I'm going to start something new, just not sure what that'll be yet. Guess you'll have to stay tuned.

Hope you have a great weekend and I'll see you tomorrow sometime when we exchange the child who wants to spend the night.


Thursday, April 07, 2005

My Companion Bag - Pre-Felted Posted by Hello
Peek-a-Boo Sweater Posted by Hello
Today's accomplishments Posted by Hello

I've got a mess!

Yes, a big mess!

Tried cleaning out my sewing room closet today and managed to make a bigger mess. Was going to take a picture of it all then thought I'd be sick if someone else saw it, so scrapped that idea. Then I was going to take a picture of my Peek-a-Boo sweater in all its pieces, but we've been having rain and storms all day so didn't have enough light, so, no pictures today, but tomorrow I'll make up for it. I have the sweater to show off (before sewing it all together), I finished the pillow/catnip toy for Mickey, finished making the 45" icords (X 2) for the bag I made awhile ago and have about 3 more things to finish tonight and or tomorrow before I can go on to anything else. Tried to make a deal with myself to finish some stuff up. Hey, atleast I'm trying! Such a packrat I am. I have enough quilt magazines, books, thread, fabric and whatever else to open a quilt store, but I'm so hooked on knitting at this point I'm going to just pack it all away until/if/when the bug strikes again to sew.

Was going to put in a picture of a quilt or two I've made, but decided not to since this is called the Scrappyknitter! Um, speaking of which, when are we going to see pictures of your scapbooking? Hurry up, I want to see some creativity from your end.

Hope you're having a great day!

Love ya,

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

This entry dedicated to Sadie

RIP Sadie Posted by Hello

Here's Sadie! What a great dog she was huh? She'll be missed something awful around here and at their house. I guess she had a rough night Thursday night and they finally made the decision to put her to sleep on Friday morning. She was about 10 years old. She was much loved and will be missed terribly, but she had a great life. Whatta dog! Rest in Piece Sady Lady.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I bought this too! It's a Cala Lily. It is so pretty! Hope I don't kill it. :o) Posted by Hello

Retirement Account

I went shoppin! Posted by Hello

Can you find the stuff I bought for you? It's in that pile too, but it's kind of blurred. Look hard.

The lilac colored yarn had Lyssa's name all over it so thought it would make a great sweater or something for her. The rest was just, well, sitting there waiting for me to bring it home. I'm saving up for our retirement - Dad says he'll save the money, I need to save yarn.

Tried to get the flower in the same post, but need to figure that out yet I guess. Sooner or later I'll have this all down to a science.

Hope you have a great day - see you tomorrow when we go on our plant shopping spree.


Monday, April 04, 2005

Gold finches in the Magnolia tree on their new thistle sock Posted by Hello


I want pictures!

I think I might have figured out the problem with downloading pictures to the blog. I think I have to download something else on my laptop. Anyway, even though I said there would be pictures in yesterdays blog, there isn't any. As soon as I figure out why I can't get them downloaded on the laptop, I'll redo that page.

Got the front of my Peek-a-boo sweater done today and started on the sleeves. Will post pictures when all the pieces are blocked cause they curl up so much I can't get a good pix of them. It's coming out good though.

Lexie Breanna's poncho Posted by Hello

Love ya,

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Spring has Sprung

What a beautiful day.

It's been a long time since we've had such a beautiful weekend. Low 70's, blue, blue sky and all the goldfinches finally arrived at the thistle feeders.

This is the hat that I took to Mom's (Grandma's to show her how it looks before and after felting. It's all felted and ready for next winter.

This is a baby blanket I'm working on (crocheted) for your sisters teacher who is expecting a little boy next month. I need to get 2 more skeins of yarn to get it finished, but did all this in 3 evenings so only need a few more to get it all done, wrapped and sent on it's merry way.

Wanted to take a picture of my Peek-a-Boo sweater today but it was hard to get it to lay flat, it's not blocked yet and the sides kept curling in, so maybe when the front and back are done (by tomorrow I hope) I can get it laid out and pinned so you can see it.

Hope you had a great Sunday. Sure was a nice one.


Friday, April 01, 2005

Doesn't seem possible it's been since the 9th of March that I updated. I have been busy though, so that's my excuse.

Made it on my first solo trip to the mountains and had a blast! Got totally spoiled by my parents and ate out atleast once a day. The very first full day there they took me to a great knitting shop (Magical Threads and Bears) and I spent lots of vacation money on yarn and books. It was great! Got home a week ago today but it seems like eons ago.

My baby girl had a great time on her first ever cruise and brought home lots of pictures, souvenirs and gifts for us all. She will never forget about this one, even if she goes on lots more in her life. She's growing up fast. She got a letter from the Citadel in today's mail. They're coming weekly now, trying to get her to go to their college. She's got her heart set on UGA so I hope they accept her.

I've been knitting like crazy, both during my trip and since being home. I finally finished the "Damn Shawlette" for my mother while I was up there and she just loved it. What a difference blocking it makes. You can see all the pretty lace stitches and the colors were perfect, she has lots of browns and greens to wear it with. I also felted my second hat while there so she could see how that works. I think I need to send it thru the machine one more time, but she kept telling me to stop of it wouldn't fit. Also started a summer short sleeved sweater with the most beautiful yarn. The pattern is called Peek-a-Boo from Knit One, Crochet Too and the yarn is also from K1C2 and is called the Gourmet Collection, Italian Ice. It has the best names; banana, Guava, Ice and Mint! The back is done and I've done about 5 inches of the front, then just 2 short sleeves. I had to take a break from knitting that for awhile cause my baby girl has a teacher expecting a baby in May and she asked me to make an afghan for her, so I've been working on that the last 2 nights. Ran out of yarn this morning (3 skeins already) and need to get 2 more skeins this weekend to finish it. Also want to make the little free booty pattern in the Lion Brand catalog to put in the package with the blanket. Still have my vest to do, but since spring has sprung here in the Southeast I figured that could be put on the back burner for awhile. I'll work on it some more in late summer so I can wear it in the fall.

I've been busy in my garden too, getting it cleaned out and even put some plants in it yesterday. It needs new mulch, but that too has to wait till the weekend trip to the big city. I planted my very first rose bushes too, in half barrels, and they're beautiful! Can't wait till the get a little bigger and have loads of great smelling roses on them.

Hope you're getting some scrapbooking done! You sure have enough stuff to keep you going for a good long while. What have you been making? Did you scrapbook with the kids yet?

Talk to you soon.