Monday, April 11, 2005

Cards again.

Dear Mom,

Well I did some more scrapping/stamping tonight. Gosh it is so much fun and almost theraputic. I just get so involved in it and it is so relaxing to me. It's just great. I made a Father's Day card for Grandpa. It's really cute, different, but cute. I wish I could take a pic and show you, all in time though. I'll bring it Wednesday and then you can take pics and see it. I started one for Daddy too, but I need a few more accessories for it. Have lots of ideas in my head, but running out of materials. HA! I'm ready to go back to HH Michaels! That place was awesome.

I can't wait to go back to the doctor on the 20th! I know I am going to get another outfit! WooHoo. I'm so siked. All diet stuff in my house and low fat, no fat and no sugar addes! YAY me. I'm even drinking SF kool aid! And it is DELICIOUS. Who would have thought. It's a little more expensive, but good none the less. I've even been buying 1% milk! I am so proud of myself. I need to get that tape from you though and start doing the exercises.

Well, I'll talk to you tomorrow. No email and no jouranling from you!
Love ya Mom... night!

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