Sunday, April 10, 2005

What a beautiful weekend!

Dear Mom,

What a great weekend, wasn't it?! The weather was beautiful. It couldn't have been any better. Perfect temperature, nice breeze and the greatest sunlight. I loved Scrapping and stamping today with the girls and Alex. The girls definetly need their own supplies. I don't mind sharing with Alex, but I hate the messes they make out of it all (shhhh). We all had fun though.
I loved taking pictures with your digi cam too. I'm addicted. That was so awesome! Thank you for letting me walk around with it. I love the pics I took too.
I am rearranging furniture tonight and washing all the clothes to hang out in the morning. Then I'm going to go back to bed and take a nap in the morning (shhh) and get up and make some more cards. I'm on a mission now, but might actually run out of some supplies. I have so many ideas in my head now. I'm so excited. Thanks for all the goodies you always get me. Without you and them I'd be bored out of my mind.
Oh I do have to clean out the kids bathroom tomorrow, per my DH. He wants me to get it ready so he can get started on that as well. So I am going to go through it get rid of junk and pack up what I want to keep.
I LOVED the baby blanket you were making today. It was sooo soft and cuddly feeling. Oh and Nicks socks were awesome, you need to take a picture of them. Oh and we forgot to get Mickey's new pillow, so I told Lyssa I would get it this week when I visit with you.
Well, more laundry to do, so I'll talk to you in the morning.
Love you Mom! G'night.

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