Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Heart Report

Went to my Cardiologists this morning with BTB and I had a good report and a not so good report. First off, he was amazed that I have managed to quit smoking, lose almost 20 pounds (it is 20, but then the next day the dang scale adds a pound or 2) and stick to this low fat eating thing for 6 months. I've also lowered my LDL (bad cholesterol) 100 points, my HDL (good cholesterol)7 points and the exercising at Cardiac Rehab is working. YIPPY!!!!
The bad news? My LDL still isn't low enough and my HDL isn't high enough (or big enough, seems I have very tiny HDL thingy's) AND - this is the real kicker! He wants me to lose ANOTHER 20 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I have to up the exercise (I just don't know what else to do, I'm not the athletic type), he doubled my cholesterol lowering medicine (Lipitor) and I have to take some prescription Omega 3 capsules 3 times a day. BUT - I'm still living so I'm happy.
If any of you have any ideas on how to exercise more, please share. The Baby Girl and I are going to try playing tennis and I just bought a new racket but the Dr. says I have to run after that ball, I can't just lob it over the net. I've never played tennis and just stood in one spot before - what's up with him? His game of choice must be golf, ya think?
So that's my news. I'm sticking to it cause I'm too young to have to worry about dying of a heart attack and he says he wants me around to see him in a nursing home, so I'm going to!
There's no pictures in this computer (it's the one that the hard drive crashed awhile ago) so no pictures tonight and really, I haven't been doing any knitting either. I've been crocheting!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

To Mother's Everywhere

New and old, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

My 2 girls laugh at me because when they ask what I wanted to be when "I grew up" I've always told them the truth. I always wanted to be a wife and a mom. Being the Mom to the Oldest DD, Baby Boy and Baby Girl has been more rewarding, fun, scary and exhausting than anything else I could have done. So you 3, thanks for letting me be your Mom, I've enjoyed every minute of it!

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Life is Good, but Busy!

I'm getting really bad about updating this blog and several people have mentioned it was time. So, here is what I've been up to.

Went to the mountains and saw my Baby Boy and got my Baby Boy Bear Hug. My parents came and met us for lunch at the lodge, at the top of the mountain. How nice to see the 3 people I don't get to see all the time and miss the most! Stayed at a gorgeous campground complete with waterfall. This is the bottom of the falls. Had 4 days of rain, clouds and not much knitting.This is the prettiest yarn. She spells her name different, but since getting Lamby, I've seen something with her name on it often. I got this from LittleKnits a few weeks ago. Not sure what it'll become (it's worsted weight cotton) but I'll admire it for awhile.
Here's a closeup without the tag in the way. Pretty huh?
This is the Chinese Vest from Folk Vests, that I started in January when we went to the Keys. It's finished, just needs a few ends woven in and some buttons. So, does it want white pearl buttons or black? Any suggestions?
Love this pattern and love this yarn! This is a mitered shell/vest from Elann. The yarn is Elann's Sonata, color 9749 Sea Shell, a 100% Mercerized Cotton Yarn. It's slow going but lots of fun seeing how they come together.
This is my new Lantern Moon Bag, Libby, also from Little Knits. Bet you can't guess why I just had to have this bag? It's really nice and great for small projects, but, I bought it cause I love the name!
This is from my Cardiac Rehab nurse, Ginger, who has been known to read my blog about knitting - of all things! It's a stress ball/heart. Cute, huh? It gets alot of use, but not from me. Imagine that! I have the heart attack but everyone else needs the stress ball. :o)
So, lots of knitting getting ripped (everything I started pre-heart attack is too big and is being or has been ripped), lots of knitting getting started, lots of summer stuff going on. The Baby Girl finished her first year of college last week and is now home with us for the summer (YIPPY~!). She'll be bored to death by June 1st but so far she seems to be catching up on eating and sleeping. She hasn't complained yet about our no fat eating and has been eating what we eat. Cereal, right Alex? The oldest daughter is moving this weekend into a beautiful new house, right around the corner from her old place. We'll be busy this weekend moving her in, but, I think I'll sit in a lawn chair on the front lawn and pass out bottled water and direct them to the different rooms! :o)

The Oldest DGD is on her final days of elementary school so we decided she should have a 5th grade bunk day yesterday and we all went shopping in the big city. The Oldest Daughter, Baby Girl, Oldest Grand and I all went shopping till we couldn't shop any more. Lots of fun.

I'm sure there's more I was going to post about but that's enough, time to get busy. The "storm" that's off our cost (that they just named as I was typing this post) isn't doing much here in Southeast GA except bring lots of wind, dark, gloomy skies and major sinus/ear pressure for me, but we need RAIN! Bring on the rain!

Happy Knitting!