Tuesday, January 31, 2006

B is for Band, Blogging and Blogger!

Okay, once again blogger is not cooperating and my pictures will not load. This was supposed to be a picture of my daughter and the Marching Band. So, I'm really ticked about Blogger and really ticked that I couldn't get the Band picture in here! I've written 3 posts so far in the past 2 weeks and not one of them would go thru. So, if there's anyone out there in blogger land that reads this it might just be the last. What's the point in a blog if I can't blog when I have a few minutes to sit here and write something. So much for keeping track of what I've been working on!

I ripped out my Rogue sweater and rewound the yarn. I was using Lion Brand Wool Ease and I'm not sure if it was that or if it was me but I didn't like the way it looked. I will redo it in another yarn one of these days. I did buy some Cascade 220 superwash in offwhite last week at my LYS for it but now can't decide if I want to do it in Rogue or Eris. Right now I'm doing the Tech sweater and I'm so sick of stockinette stitch I don't want to do another plain sweater again right away. I've only been working on it since 12/20/05 but it seems that the sleeves are taking forever!

I have about 4 more repeats to do on my Magenta scarf and then that'll be done. Still working on the Scandanavian Santa but don't get that out too often. So, when the Tech sweater is done I have lots of little projects to finish up. I'm really anxious to do a pair of the Jaywalker socks. Never have enjoyed doing socks before but think they're neat and I have some Koigu that needs to be socks.

Well, if you've gotten this far, congratulations for reading a boring blog with no pictures! I need to find a new blog site cause for some reason this one doesn't want to do what it says it will. GRRRRRRRRRRRR

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Baby Girl Does it Again!

We found out yesterday that our Baby Girl made the All State Honors Band. This is like the highest achievment you can get in the band program! And she said, after her tryouts that "she bombed it" and was sure she didn't make it. Well, she is now one of the top 30 clarinet players in the state of Georgia! Way to go Baby Girl!!! Her Senior year is turning out to be quite an exciting year for all of us. She was also chosen for JanFest which she goes to tomorrow for 4 days. Her calender is quite full and we're enjoying every minute of it. Some day when I feel ambitious I'll have to write about all her band successes, but it will take awhile and fill a few pages. She makes us so proud!

I've been trying to finish up my UFO pile and so far haven't finished anything since Christmas. I was working on a nordic arts mitten but ripped it out because I didn't like the way it looked. I can't knit as fast as or as well as Wendy (www.wendyknits.com) and decided to put that away until I can concentrate more on it. I did finish the right front of my Tech sweater so now I'm onto the sleeves. I'm also working on a Scandinavian Santa Claus for my father, which was supposed to be for Christmas, but I decided to give it to him for his birthday in Feb. so I have a little time yet. Then I still have to finish Rogue, a scarf and a shawl and then my UFO pile will be empty. I'm trying really hard not to buy any more yarn or start anymore projects, but dang, that's not easy. I see so many things I want to knit!

Happy Wednesday and may you get lots of rows done on whatever you're knitting!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

A if for Alexis Breanna

I didn't sign up for the abc along but after reading a few blogs decided to dedicate this blog to my granddaughter which happens to have a name that begins with A. Alexis turns 10 today - as she says "a decade old." So, HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY Lexie Pooh!

Blogger didn't want to download the picture I was trying to put on here yesterday and I don't know if it was a problem at their end or mine, but, I finally remembered that I changed my password a few days before we went away for the holidays. Not a wise thing to do just before being computerless for 2 weeks!

Still working on my Tech sweater, my Rogue seater and a few dozen other things. I think I've decided I have too many things going at one time so after finishing up all my unfinished stuff I'm going to try really hard to stick with just a few things. I have so many bags next to my chair that I can't stand it, can't stand the clutter and can't stand that I don't knit faster. But, no more yarn and no more bought or downloaded patterns until all my bags are empty. Hubby isn't bothered by it at all, says he loves seeing all my stuff, but I'm sick of the cluttter. Must be that time of year. Like another blogger I read, my yarn closet is so full nothing else will fit and I'm not kidding either! Time to knit AND finish what I start. Not a New Years resolution cause I don't stick to them too well, just hoping I can finish up some things and get them out of my corner.

The remodeling/restoring of "This Old House" resumed this morning at 7:15 a.m. The heat/air ducts were cut into my sunroom and the a/c repair man was here servicing the heat/ac and will be back next week to hook them both together. Makes me VERY HAPPY to see it being worked on again. Tomorrow or Saturday the electric is supposed to be started in my laundry room and maybe if I'm REALLY lucky next week alot more will get done as they've promised to be here all week. I'm SO ready for this house to be done.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Happy New Year and Middle Aged Moments!

Hope everyone had a great New Years Eve. We were in the mountains and had a great time, but it was sure nice to get home after being gone for almost 2 weeks. Christmas was nice, just seeing all the in-laws was gift enough. BTB and I decided to just wait till we got home to exchange gifts. No sense taking them from Ga to RI and all the way back to Ga again. He got a new TV for his office and I got.........drum roll here.........a swift, a ball winder, every color of Wool of the Andes from Knitpicks and the book, Oddball knitting. I love it all!

DGD#1 and I spent about 2 hours Saturday morning winding yarn. She LOVED this thing. She didn't want to quit. It sure looks nice all wound up in these nice neat balls.

I got the back of the LoTech sweater (by Chicknits) done on our trip and the left side front. I didn't knit as much as I thought I would, but the scenery was just too pretty and I kept looking out the window, day dreaming instead of knitting. But, did a little more than 1/2 a sweater, that's not too bad.

Found the new yarn shop in RI and hit that HARD on Christmas Eve day. BTB took a nap in the truck while I shopped. Bought some hemp yarn (never seen it before), a small scarf/shawl kit, a felted flower kit and several books. 2 on knit doll clothes. OH, and my Christmas present to myself; my first pair of Lantern Moon needles. Oh my, they are wonderful! Have to get a few more of those - over time of course, they could break the bank. :o) Also bought several other skeins of yarn but I'm too lazy at the moment to get up and see what.

Christmas with the kids this Sunday so I have lots to do to get ready. We all missed our annual Christmas dinner together so we put the whole thing off till now. So, we'll be having Christmas a few weeks late, but we'll all be together and having a ball.

The Baby Girl drove to school yesterday for the first time ALONE! Jeesh, what a nerve wracking morning that was. Made her call me as soon as she got there, and she actually remembered. Today was almost as bad, but not quite cause BTB stayed home later than usual and he talked my ear off for the 20 minutes it takes to get from here to her school so I couldn't think about it so hard. She called, got there all safe and sound and I hope it keeps going that way. Letting go of the Baby isn't easy, but then, none of them has been easy letting go. I was born to me a Mommy, now I'm a retired "stay at home Mom." POOP