Thursday, January 12, 2006

A if for Alexis Breanna

I didn't sign up for the abc along but after reading a few blogs decided to dedicate this blog to my granddaughter which happens to have a name that begins with A. Alexis turns 10 today - as she says "a decade old." So, HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY Lexie Pooh!

Blogger didn't want to download the picture I was trying to put on here yesterday and I don't know if it was a problem at their end or mine, but, I finally remembered that I changed my password a few days before we went away for the holidays. Not a wise thing to do just before being computerless for 2 weeks!

Still working on my Tech sweater, my Rogue seater and a few dozen other things. I think I've decided I have too many things going at one time so after finishing up all my unfinished stuff I'm going to try really hard to stick with just a few things. I have so many bags next to my chair that I can't stand it, can't stand the clutter and can't stand that I don't knit faster. But, no more yarn and no more bought or downloaded patterns until all my bags are empty. Hubby isn't bothered by it at all, says he loves seeing all my stuff, but I'm sick of the cluttter. Must be that time of year. Like another blogger I read, my yarn closet is so full nothing else will fit and I'm not kidding either! Time to knit AND finish what I start. Not a New Years resolution cause I don't stick to them too well, just hoping I can finish up some things and get them out of my corner.

The remodeling/restoring of "This Old House" resumed this morning at 7:15 a.m. The heat/air ducts were cut into my sunroom and the a/c repair man was here servicing the heat/ac and will be back next week to hook them both together. Makes me VERY HAPPY to see it being worked on again. Tomorrow or Saturday the electric is supposed to be started in my laundry room and maybe if I'm REALLY lucky next week alot more will get done as they've promised to be here all week. I'm SO ready for this house to be done.

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