Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Birds have Arrived!

Warning: Lots of pictures ahead Spring has sprung here in the Southeast too. Beautiful birds are all over my yard. We're filling the birdfeeders atleast every other day.
Not sure but I think this is some kind of Warbler. Very, very tiny.
This is a Red Winged Black Bird. We have lots and I think they empty the feeders.
Isn't he gorgeous? This is a Painted Bunting, very colorful!
Blue Grossbeak - fat little bird.
Indigo Bunting. There are 3 pairs of these.

Knitting content and pictures soon, really!
Happy Knitting!

Friday, April 13, 2007

A Meme for lack of anything else

Mim at MimKnits was talking about all her knicknames on her blog tonight and decided to make it a meme', so, since I have no knitting to show you I thought I'd do it. I don't usually do them because, well, I take forever trying to think of answers. This one is easy - well, sort of.

Sheri - This is THE nickname, my real name is Sharon
Mom - Love this one
Babe - Love this one too
Baby Doll - my favorite
Maamaa - I did not want to be called Grandma! My oldest DGD named me this.
Hilda - My Mother calls me this when joking around.
Sheri Derry - My Grandfather's nickname for me.
Shez - My Fathers nickname for me and the name I use on the internet

I've been working on my Dale sweater and other things but not as much as usual. Seems when your heart is working right you have more spunk and when you have more spunk you move around and do more. So, guess that's my excuse. I have a wonderful Cardiac Rehab nurse (Hi Ginger) who says I need to move more and knit less. I'm trying to do both so pictures next week of something!

Happy Knitting!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Rained Out

We were all ready for the beach on Tuesday, the beach chairs, the cooler, the towels were all in the car and then I noticed something was missing. Something just wasn't right. I had my bathing suit on, had the sunscreen but something was just not right. There was no sun! So, when my Oldest DD and my Oldest DGD got here, we went and did this.........
We went plant shopping. This is the back of my Honda, CRV, and Lexie, my oldest granddaughter. See, she has on her bathingsuit, all ready for the beach. Maybe next week. This week is already out cause even here in Georgia we're feeling this cold snap and NOT enjoying it. Not even a week ago we were planning on the beach, sitting on the deck, today? Today we had to turn the heat on while driving to church.

Easter was wonderful, all 3 of my kids were home and the 3 grands and dinner, even though low fat, was delicious. I'll tell you about it next time, with pictures.

Knitting is slowing down because of Cardiac Rehab 3 mornings a week. I did more knitting in the morning than any other time. Haven't found a new knitting routine yet, but I'm working on it.

Happy Knitting!

eta-my oldest DD took the picture and evidently the date on her camera isn't right - this picture was not taken in 2004 - it was taken last Tuesday, really.

Monday, April 02, 2007

A Little of This, A Little of That.

This is what my arm looked like after Libby's "Day at the Spa."

This happened almost instantly after she scratched me. Poor thing, she hates having her nails trimmed but they grow and grow so we tackle her every few weeks. She barely grazed my arm with her foot but, when you're on blood thinners (Plavix) this is what happens. It didn't bleed, just instantly bruised.

This is my first try at some Fuzzy Feet. I'm using some Lion Wool that I picked up at Michaels. This isn't bad for felting slippers but it's too itchy for me to use for a sweater. I love getting the variegated and a solid to match. I have more, too, that I bought last week.

This is a briefcase pattern that the Baby Girl picked out when we were in St. Mary's. This too, is Lion Wool. The pattern is from Chris Bylsma Designs, called Making Waves, which I've never heard of. It's a fun pattern and fast, done on 15 needles. I only work on it a little each day cause those big, chunky needles make my hands sore.

That's it for today. Going to the beach with my Oldest DD and my Oldest DGD tomorrow to bask in the sun. Hope you all have a great day.

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Your Shoe is Untied!

April fools!

What a great weekend! The Baby Girl and the Oldest DD's college had their 100th Bicentennial celebration on Friday night complete with food and fireworks. It was so nice to watch the kids, all the kids, enjoying themselves. We met the girls there, including the grandkids and friends.

Saturday was the Spring Festival and Plant Sale at the colleges Botanical Garden, so I picked them all up (went to Starbucks to get my Chia Tea Latte' first) and we all went and walked around and saw some great plants. The kids had a whole bunch of stuff to do and make. Here's my oldest granddaughter and the Baby Girls roommate in a sack race.The Roommate, farthest from the camera, giggled so hard throughout her hops, that the Granddaughter won. See the pile at the end of the line? That's manure! Neither of them fell in it. It was my favorite kind of weekend with lots to do and see. I bought some plants and BTB put them in the ground today. I got him a Banana Bush that is supposed to be native to this area and actually grow banana's and a Bottle Brush bush. I got an Angel Trumpet for me. My parents have one and the thing fascinates me with those huge flowers. So, lots of fun.

I had my first Cardiac Rehab session on Friday and really enjoyed it. They don't want me working out to the point of sweating, yet (I hate sweating!) so it's a very relaxed type of exercise but targets the muscles, the heart and helps tone the body. This poor body needs toned! So, I have about 10 minutes of warm ups which is mainly stretching the muscles, then I do about 45 minutes of either walking on the treadmill or this other machine that is supposed to be like walking up stairs but you're sitting down and working your arms almost like rowing a boat, all on the same machine. Then I walk on the treatmill again slower, for my cool down, then stretch again. Friday when I went they had to hook me up to the heart monitor so the computer could follow my every move since it was my first visit. My blood pressure was lower than the Cardiac Nurse thought it should be but then she looked at my list of meds and realized it was from one of them. Everything else went fine and I survived! Having a heart attack is scary when you try to start doing things that you are used to doing but haven't done in awhile. They keep assuring me that I'll be fine. I've quit smoking (I smoked for 30 some years and haven't touched them since the night of my heartattack. That'll make you quit, fast!), I've lost 17 pounds and now I'm exercising. I have about 12 more pounds to lose but I think it'll come off faster now with the C.R. 3 times a week.

So, busy weekend and the start of "rehab." The Baby Girl tells her friends her Mom is in "rehab", just doesn't bother telling them what kind of rehab. You gotta love her.

Have a great week, hope your weekend was as fun as mine and as always

Happy Knitting!