Friday, April 13, 2007

A Meme for lack of anything else

Mim at MimKnits was talking about all her knicknames on her blog tonight and decided to make it a meme', so, since I have no knitting to show you I thought I'd do it. I don't usually do them because, well, I take forever trying to think of answers. This one is easy - well, sort of.

Sheri - This is THE nickname, my real name is Sharon
Mom - Love this one
Babe - Love this one too
Baby Doll - my favorite
Maamaa - I did not want to be called Grandma! My oldest DGD named me this.
Hilda - My Mother calls me this when joking around.
Sheri Derry - My Grandfather's nickname for me.
Shez - My Fathers nickname for me and the name I use on the internet

I've been working on my Dale sweater and other things but not as much as usual. Seems when your heart is working right you have more spunk and when you have more spunk you move around and do more. So, guess that's my excuse. I have a wonderful Cardiac Rehab nurse (Hi Ginger) who says I need to move more and knit less. I'm trying to do both so pictures next week of something!

Happy Knitting!


Beth said...

Moving more and knitting less would be good for all of us! But, it's hard to choose exercise over knitting. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you Mom! You are a huge inspiration to me! Keep up the great work! You are proofing 50 is going to be the new 30! You look amazing!

Thanks for everything you do!

Oldest DD

Kathy said...

Can you get a go-pouch and knit small items while walking?

Sheri said...

Beth, not to sound like a witch, but, I'd rather move after the heart attack, only cause I don't want to ever go thru that pain and scare again. It's not easy though, I love sitting and knitting for hours on end. :o)

Oldest DD - why thank you! You make my head swell! We'll walk thru those cotton fields together and both look great in know time at all!

Cathy, I could walk and knit but I talk so much while in there that I don't have time to knit. LOL I have the gift for gab and so do the people in there when I'm in there. We take care of all the worlds problems in one hour, 3 times a week!

Thanks all for the comments. Have a great week and Happy Knitting!