Sunday, June 26, 2005

Tomorrow it is!

Tomorrow they're coming to hook up my DSL - I'm ready! This dial up has been shutting me off, freezing up and restarting itself all weekend. I waste more time waiting for pages to load than I do anything else on here. I sure hope the DSL is faster and keeps me from wasting so much time!

Okay, just wasted 20 minutes trying to use the new picture button on blogger to download a picture, but of course, the dial up decided otherwise. So, I give up! I'll try to post again tomorrow and see if my DSL works better. I'm glad they changed it to upload pictures from the site, might make it easier and faster than before. Now if they'd just give easier, clearer directions on how to add blog buttons and links and such, I might actually get this blog to look like something! Just can't figure it out!

Have a great week - whoever's reading this.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

I'm BAD for Blogging!

I'm still alive!

I'm still knitting!

I'm loving my new kitchen!

I'm spending too much time reading other's blogs,which leaves no time to update my own!

I'm really bad about blogging!

I'm getting DSL on Monday!

I'll try to do better!

I'll try not to read others blogs until mine is updated.

I'll be able to have my laptop on the bar in my new kitchen to upload pictures.

I've finished 2 shawls and 2 scarves since my last post.

I've started the Branching Out scarf from

I've started the Kiri Shawl from knitting across the ponds blog.

I've sent the lace shawl (peach)from my on-line class at to my Mother-in-law.

I'm sending the VERY ugly scarf I made (pictures maybe next week?) to my neice for her birthday. Will tell her she can use it as a scarf or if it's too ugly, as a tow rope for her car.

I've updated - till next time.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Maggi on the pontoon boat enjoying the breeze Posted by Hello

Here's what I did on my vacation last week. Posted by Hello

The V at the end of the shawl. Blurry photo, but the only closeup I took. Posted by Hello

I call this my Rainbow Sherbet Shawl. It's a cotton/acrylic yarn from Plymouth Yarn called Bella Colour. It's much prettier than this picture shows but we haven't had any sun in a couple of weeks so the pictures aren't coming out so well. The pattern is from the book by Nancy Wiseman called Shawls, Scarves and Stoles. The name of the pattern is Wigwam Shawl. Very easy and fast. I love it. Posted by Hello

Not a great picture, but this is the shawl (don't look at the model). Isn't it a beautiful pattern? Can't wait to do it again! Posted by Hello

Closeup of the edge being blocked. Posted by Hello

My Needlecraft University Triangle Shawl Class was well worth it and I loved figuring out how to work lace from a chart. This is my first project working from a chart and my first lace shawl. I did it in an acrylic yarn in peach, but want to do it again in a wool blend so the edging will block out better. This is the finished shawl on the blocking board. Posted by Hello

Not much blogging but lots of knitting to show!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

What do you use a knitting needle for? Posted by Hello

You did what with that knitting needle?

Not much knitting to report, but I have been knitting. Day, night, in my sleep, seems like that's all I've done but I'm working on the lace shawl class from and it's almost done and ready for a picture. Hopefully tomorrow. I can't wait to get back to my orange sweater - I miss working that pattern, but I've really enjoyed working on the lace shawl too. It really keeps your mind busy! No time to think of anything else while doing lace. Jackie E-S is a great teacher. I can't wait to try another of her patterns.

So, what was I doing with that knitting needle? I'll tell ya! We're remodeling our kitchen, totally, lock, stock and barrell and we had to run new electric wire cause "This Old House" doesn't have near enough outlets. So, hubby went under the house to run the wire up thru the floor to the panel box and I had to put the knitting needle down thru the hole so he could see where to run the wire to. Pretty smart cookie huh? Used an old aluminum one though, wasn't going to take the chance of breaking a wooden one.

So, I'm off to fisish the lace edging on my shawl so I can get a picture in here tomorrow, if not tomorrow it won't be till next week cause I'm outta here Sunday for a week. I have 2 yarn shops all picked out to go visit and might even find more!

Pug hugs.