Sunday, June 26, 2005

Tomorrow it is!

Tomorrow they're coming to hook up my DSL - I'm ready! This dial up has been shutting me off, freezing up and restarting itself all weekend. I waste more time waiting for pages to load than I do anything else on here. I sure hope the DSL is faster and keeps me from wasting so much time!

Okay, just wasted 20 minutes trying to use the new picture button on blogger to download a picture, but of course, the dial up decided otherwise. So, I give up! I'll try to post again tomorrow and see if my DSL works better. I'm glad they changed it to upload pictures from the site, might make it easier and faster than before. Now if they'd just give easier, clearer directions on how to add blog buttons and links and such, I might actually get this blog to look like something! Just can't figure it out!

Have a great week - whoever's reading this.

1 comment:

Kim said...

Exactly right! They need more explicit instructions for adding buttons. Some of the help that I've seen on Blogger even has the wrong instructions (incomplete). I finally found instructions for adding a button on Knitters Review. I put the link on my blog if you want them. Good luck!