Saturday, October 16, 2010

Temperatures in the 70's, FINALLY!!! Happy Fall!

Oh, the weather is changing, every day I can feel a little bit of a nip in the air! Today I told BTB that it almost felt like someone left the door open, on the deck, and the air conditioning was blowing at us.  Such a nice change from those awful, AWFUL summer temps of over 100 with the heat index.  Where I come from we had wind chills, we didn't have heat index's.  Thank gosh the "heat index" is almost a thing of the past for another year.

I just returned from another "Round-a-bout" and almost finished my Something Burnt/aka Something Red sweater. I should have it done tonight, I just have to figure out where to put the button hole and then do about 4 more rows on the button band. I love it.  It fits really well. Hopefully I can wear it soon.  Pictures are coming but I haven't taken any in awhile. It's orange, it really doesn't look different, just longer and it now has sleeves. :o)  Wait till you see the button I bought.  I just love it!

I'm also making slow progress on my purple crew neck sweater I'm doing with Spud and Chloe as a KAL, although most people are probably long finished by now. I started late, but I needed something easy and that didn't require counting while traveling.  Ended up working more on the orange one, but, the purple one will be my priority knitting by tomorrow.

I have a few little things I'm doing when I feel like doing something different (EZ Camping Shawl, Honey Cowl and the never ending scarf ) but I'm really getting anxious to make my annual pair of socks.  I don't like making socks, but about once a year at about this time, I get the urge for knitting a pair, so, I'll probably start them this weekend. I found a pair on Ravelry that I really like and I want to start working cables so I can read cable charts faster. I'm awful at them. I do so much better reading line by line with cables, but I'm worried they're going to quit writing the instructions out the long way, so, must learn.  My brain has a hard time crossing this and crossing that and figuring out left and right. :o)

Here are the pictures of my sweaters. The "Something Burnt" is now blocking so modeled pictures soon.
Mitts for DGD

My Mitts - Angora!

KAL Crewneck Close up

Close up of Something Burnt

Something Burnt in a Basket (by Darrell)

Backside of Something Burnt (Red)

Close up of KAL Sweater