Friday, February 24, 2006

Happy Blogaversary to Me!

Well, it's been a year since I started blogging. Not much better at it than I was a year ago, but I'm enjoying it when I have time to write something. So, happy anniversary to Scrappy Knitter!

Today is also my father's birthday. So, happy birthday!

This is my new chair. I just love it! It's a LazyBoy rocker recliner and small enough to fit in the room and comfie enough to get lots of knitting done. The green dresser you see next to it is my knitting table and holds all my needles and knitting stuff in the 3 drawers.

I've been doing lots of knitting, and lots of unknitting. I still wasn't able to get gauge for the Many Buttoned Vest in Folk Vests and after doing several inches ripped it out. It was huge. I was up to a size 10 needle with the K1C2 yarn and it still was off by a 1/2 stitch. Now I'm workingon the Samas sweater from Knitty but it's going slow with the long cable that goes around the bottom. I've also been working on the Jaywalker socks and I love that pattern, just like everyone else that's working on it. I'm done the first sock and about 3/4 done the second sock. I'm not one to make socks, never liked all that round and round knitting, but I've decided my problem is boredom. If the stitch gets old real quick then I get bored with it. Jaywalker is fun, just seeing how the stitches will fall with the variegated yarn. So, maybe a finished PAIR of socks soon.

Heading to the big city tomorrow to hear our Baby Girl play in the All State Band Concert. She's been there since yesterday morning and having a great time but the poor thing, she's not feeling too well. Some virus is going around and my oldest grand daughter had it last week and of course the Baby Girl went to visit them last weekend, sooooo! Now that same grand daughter was diagnosed with Mono today, so she's out of commission for a month! Half days of school only till the end of March. Jeesh, when it rains it pours!

Happy knitting and to all you olympic knitters out there, I'm cheering you on to the finish line.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Computer's Got the Flu

Not sure what's wrong with it but if it's not fixed today I'm going back to dial up. I've had nothing but trouble with this thing almost from the day they installed it. So, no blogging till it's fixed or I throw the whole thing out the window, whichever comes first.

Friday, February 10, 2006


That's what my grandson calls my knitting! He's such a hoot!

I have been doing a lot of "yarnin" lately but not much to show. I've finished my "Low Tech" Sweater and now have to sew it together, which I'm hoping to do on Sunday. I've just turned the heel on the Jaywalker sock - I'm SO proud! I've never enjoyed doing socks before because they seemed rather boring but I've decided I need to do 2 socks on 2 circs and one with an interesting pattern. So, my next pair will be on 2 circs.

Today I started the Samas sweater from Knitty and so far it's alot of fun. I've only done a few inches on the cable border for the bottom but I think I'm going to like it. Maybe pictures before the weekend is over.

I tried doing the Many Buttoned Vest in Folk Vests but I couldn't get gauge with any of the yarn I'd tried so I gave up. That must be some really heavy worsted yarn cause I couldn't get 16 sts to 4 inches for the life of me. My house is full of swatches to prove it!

Enclosed are my new "babies" I added to my collection while in the mountains for New Years, IF blogger wants to download pictures this time!

I actually bought 3 but didn't think the pictures would work yet so will add the 3rd one another day.
Happy Knitting and to all you Olympic Knitters out there I'll be rooting you all on to finish what you start in 16 days and with NO tinking!