Friday, April 01, 2005

Doesn't seem possible it's been since the 9th of March that I updated. I have been busy though, so that's my excuse.

Made it on my first solo trip to the mountains and had a blast! Got totally spoiled by my parents and ate out atleast once a day. The very first full day there they took me to a great knitting shop (Magical Threads and Bears) and I spent lots of vacation money on yarn and books. It was great! Got home a week ago today but it seems like eons ago.

My baby girl had a great time on her first ever cruise and brought home lots of pictures, souvenirs and gifts for us all. She will never forget about this one, even if she goes on lots more in her life. She's growing up fast. She got a letter from the Citadel in today's mail. They're coming weekly now, trying to get her to go to their college. She's got her heart set on UGA so I hope they accept her.

I've been knitting like crazy, both during my trip and since being home. I finally finished the "Damn Shawlette" for my mother while I was up there and she just loved it. What a difference blocking it makes. You can see all the pretty lace stitches and the colors were perfect, she has lots of browns and greens to wear it with. I also felted my second hat while there so she could see how that works. I think I need to send it thru the machine one more time, but she kept telling me to stop of it wouldn't fit. Also started a summer short sleeved sweater with the most beautiful yarn. The pattern is called Peek-a-Boo from Knit One, Crochet Too and the yarn is also from K1C2 and is called the Gourmet Collection, Italian Ice. It has the best names; banana, Guava, Ice and Mint! The back is done and I've done about 5 inches of the front, then just 2 short sleeves. I had to take a break from knitting that for awhile cause my baby girl has a teacher expecting a baby in May and she asked me to make an afghan for her, so I've been working on that the last 2 nights. Ran out of yarn this morning (3 skeins already) and need to get 2 more skeins this weekend to finish it. Also want to make the little free booty pattern in the Lion Brand catalog to put in the package with the blanket. Still have my vest to do, but since spring has sprung here in the Southeast I figured that could be put on the back burner for awhile. I'll work on it some more in late summer so I can wear it in the fall.

I've been busy in my garden too, getting it cleaned out and even put some plants in it yesterday. It needs new mulch, but that too has to wait till the weekend trip to the big city. I planted my very first rose bushes too, in half barrels, and they're beautiful! Can't wait till the get a little bigger and have loads of great smelling roses on them.

Hope you're getting some scrapbooking done! You sure have enough stuff to keep you going for a good long while. What have you been making? Did you scrapbook with the kids yet?

Talk to you soon.

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