Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Hello Kiddo,

This day started off weird and just got more and more weird from there. First, we had the worst wind storm I've seen, if not ever, then for a long time. Whipped thru here at 40 or 50 miles an hour, not that I know how fast that is, but it was a whippin'! Then my head started getting messed up because of the crazy storm rushing thru. So, what did I do? I knit. I worked on my new vest for about 3 1/2 hours (oh yeah, we also lost the power for 5 hours). Once I had a nap, hoping I would feel better (didn't work) got up, started on the vest again and a lightbulb went off! I was doing the SKP all wrong on the decrease edge. So, had to tink back 2 inches and then try to figure out where the heck I was with decreases and pattern rows. I think i've got it now though. IF my head holds out I'll work on it a little tonight while Dad goes to your Baby sisters band concert. I can't believe I have to miss it, but I don't want all those people thinking I'm a drinker or something.

So, that was my day. From the beginning (when we overslept) till the end, it's been one weird day.

Till next time, love ya,

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Shez75 said...

Ok, I have no clue what a skp is or tink! LOL I'm lost. But glad you got some done. It was windy here too. Crazy wasn't it. All my chairs were knocked over, limbs were blowing out of the trees. The news said where Dad was was the strongest wind gusts. Weird. And it sure did blow in the cold air didn't it! I can't wait for summer so you stop getting sick and we can go to the beach! Yipppeeeee.