Thursday, April 07, 2005

I've got a mess!

Yes, a big mess!

Tried cleaning out my sewing room closet today and managed to make a bigger mess. Was going to take a picture of it all then thought I'd be sick if someone else saw it, so scrapped that idea. Then I was going to take a picture of my Peek-a-Boo sweater in all its pieces, but we've been having rain and storms all day so didn't have enough light, so, no pictures today, but tomorrow I'll make up for it. I have the sweater to show off (before sewing it all together), I finished the pillow/catnip toy for Mickey, finished making the 45" icords (X 2) for the bag I made awhile ago and have about 3 more things to finish tonight and or tomorrow before I can go on to anything else. Tried to make a deal with myself to finish some stuff up. Hey, atleast I'm trying! Such a packrat I am. I have enough quilt magazines, books, thread, fabric and whatever else to open a quilt store, but I'm so hooked on knitting at this point I'm going to just pack it all away until/if/when the bug strikes again to sew.

Was going to put in a picture of a quilt or two I've made, but decided not to since this is called the Scrappyknitter! Um, speaking of which, when are we going to see pictures of your scapbooking? Hurry up, I want to see some creativity from your end.

Hope you're having a great day!

Love ya,

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