Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I'm knitting as fast as I can go!

Pictures tomorrow, promise.

I've been trying to finish things up that I've started and put aside for one reason or another and just haven't been ready to take pictures yet. Tomorrow - I should be home all day tomorrow so I can get some pictures on this blog. I think it looks better with pictures when I post, don't you? Anyway, I've had to frog/tink/rip out the white cotten shell 3 times because after not working on it for almost a year or two, I forgot where I was, then thought I knew where I was, then realized after finishing the front that I wasn't where I thought I was. Make sense? Anyway, it's an easy fix, just need to sit down long enough to finish it. It's made with Plymouth Wildflower DK that I bought the first time we went to my favorite LYS.

I also finished the baby afghan in light blue and will get a picture of that tomorrow also. Then there's my shawl that I started with the "rainbow sherbert" yarn! Gorgeous. I'll take a picture of that in progress too.

I'm so excited about the new baby in the world today! Now I have to make another afghan in PINK for Amber Nichole! Reminds me of you, you only weighed 6 lbs 12 oz. Imagine one 6 lbs 4 oz? That's a little girl!

I'm off to pick up your little sister (I hope I can drive) and take her to the gym. Maybe I'll have an early night tonight and can get back to this white shell so it'll be done for the photo op tomorrow.

Love ya,
PS. Frog - as in ripit, ripit (tear it out); tink - unknitting (spell it backwards)
Just a few things I threw in this blog I thought you might need to know.

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