Thursday, August 18, 2005

Lots to Tell!

This is Toby, aka Jug Head, Stupid Cat and anything else that comes to mind. This is my Mom's cat (well, really, my fathers) and he's a trip! And eat? All this cat does is eat and stalk birds (for which he gets called a really bad name that I won't mention on here).

This is one of my Mom's sunflowers. She didn't plant them, the birds did. They are all over the place and so pretty. While I was out knitting on her porch one morning I watched a squirrel come and pull the top right off of this sunflower, run across her driveway to the neighbors yard, up their tree and leave the head of the sunflower in the crook of their tree! It was SO FUNNY (my father didn't think so, it was the biggest sunflower of them all) and I have a picture of the squirrel running with it in his mouth. Check this out!

More later, but wanted to get these pictures of my trip to the mountains in here before I forgot. Had a blast, spend bookoo's at the yarn shop up there and will show pictures soon.

Happy Knitting.

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