Wednesday, August 17, 2005

12 Days of no Blogging? Not Good!

Well, it's been a very crazy 12 days, believe me! First, we had school shopping. Took the 3 grandkids first - what a trip they are shopping with! Then of course, had to take my own baby girl, their Auntie (for you southerners out there, that's NOT prounounced like an ant, we're from New England remember) and got her school stuff. Why is it I can buy several outfits, shoes, socks, undies and backbacks and school supplies for 3 little ones and it doesn't cost near what it costs to buy all that same stuff for one 17 year old? Man, she's a big spender! Anyway, they're all properly dressed for back to school and started on Monday the 8th, except the oldest granddaughter, she started Friday the 5th. The reason? Her little brother and sister were supposed to start that day too but he was given the wrong medicine by the pharmacy and ended up in the hospital from the 5th until the 7th from an overdose! If nothing else becomes of this blog, READ YOUR PRESCRIPTION LABELS CAREFULLY! If in doubt, DON'T TAKE IT! My poor daughter! She's been thru the ringer and back again, but it was the pharmacists fault, not hers, and to make a long story short, she has a lawyer. Whew!

So, that's why I haven't blogged in 12 days. My laptop finally came back sometime during all that and I didn't even have time to play with it. But, we're back in action and I have some pictures to share.

This is my feather and fan shawl from the Gathering of Lace book. I didn't do all the repeats, I got really sick of those 3 knitted rows, but it's plenty big enough. Here's one of my little granddaughter modeling it for me (she loves to be my model).

It is a beautiful shawl and was fun doing, until I had enough of the thing, and then it was big enough anyway. I did it in some KPPPM that I bought a few years ago to make the Alligator shawl. That was horrible trying to get thru so my hubby and I undid what I had done and I used the yarn for this. Kind of a practice thing, if you're wondering why all the different colors. It looks kinda neat though, doncha think?

I also took the class with Nicky Epstein, who is TOTALLY AWESOME and I bought her new book, Knitting Over the Edge. I took pictures, but will blog about that tomorrow cause I'm on the PC and I want to put those pictures (still in my camera) on my laptop. So, if you want to see Nicky modeling some cute, adorable hats, stay tuned for tomorrows update.

I've knit a few other things since the Feather and Fan shawl and will do those tomorrow too. I've been busy, in more than just knitting!!!!

Oh, and the "Baby Girl" I blogged about awhile ago, driving the red Dodge - welp, she's going for her drivers license tomorrow and Mom's a wreck! Dad's taking her if I can get her appt changed to the morning, if not, I'll be sitting out there growing more grey hair watching her take the driving test. Oh golly! I'm not sure I'm ready for this.

Happy Knitting.


junieann said...

Your Feather and Fan is lovely. Thanks for sharing it. Mine isn't nearly as pretty. It is a going to be for me to replace my old, worn out hap shawl.

Marlene said...

Fantastic! Your Feather and Fan looks SO much prettier than the one color ones I've seen so far. Congrats on a job well done.

I have the book with the pattern already but will have to wait until my husband is no longer on strike before looking into buying enough KPPPM for that one.

Alison said...

Beautiful! It's on my long list of shawls to make.