Sunday, September 07, 2008

Another month. Someone needs to invent a way to get time to slow down just a tad.

I've been traveling! The beginning of August we took the Baby Girl to her new college. After a few days BTB had a Tournament so we spent 9 days near the big city. We stayed in a beautiful campground and while he shot clays I worked on this. The pattern is Ice Queen from Knitty. I did it in Kidsilk Haze, on size 5 KP Options and used caramel colored clear seed beads #8. It's as light as air and so pretty. It's a smoke ring/lace cowl/wimple.

Went to 3 different yarn shops but I think Creative Yarns in Macon was my favorite. And this is BTB favorite bag that I've ever purchased. He loved it. I love it! It's a knitting bag with enough room for everything - including the kitchen sink. It's a Namaste bag in the Cali Collection, Laguna, color Saddle. If you go to the website (click on link) be sure and click on photo's, under the big picture - it's huge!

Here's BTB getting ready for his next shoot. It was lots of fun, being outside in the gorgeous air and watching the love of my life doing something he enjoys!
Can you guess who this is? She had just come from seeing the new Superman Movie. Yup, that's my 20 year old Baby Girl. The house is empty without that face! Oh, and she can open her mouth all the way! She came home the end of August for her 3 month checkup and her doctor said "go, eat what you want, just remember, if it hurts, don't eat it anymore. Play your clarinet, do whatever you want as long as it doesn't hurt!" So, where'd she want to go for lunch that day? For a steak!
This is the Goddess Anniversary KAL Pi Shawl I've been working on forever (well, May seems like forever for one project.) It takes me a little over an hour to do one row! I'll love it when it's done but it might not be for another 10 years.

Been working on other stuff but some things made it thru, some things haven't. My February Ladies sweater, which I loved, got frogged because of some mistake I made in the yoke - it puckered and I couldn't figure out why so frogged it. I'm working on an adorable baby sweater for a friends little, brandy new baby boy, but that too has been ripped out 5 times now! Tonight I started it again for the 6th AND FINAL time! I'll try to get pictures this week, if it continues to grow!

I spent a week in Florida with a friend whose husband has been in the hospital for 80 something days. She was so happy just to have someone to talk to at night, drive her to the hospital and home again and someone to eat lunch/dinner with. He's doing much better and hopefully he'll be home soon.

Next week I'm leaving for another week, this time to the cool mountains to spend time with my Mom and Dad. My favorite spot when life gets too crazy is on their front porch watching the sun come up, then watch it go down and walking around the neighborhood. You can't beat that cool, crisp air in Sept! It's still pretty hot and muggy here in the Southern end of the state. And I have word from a very reliable source that there's a nice yarn shop further up in those mountains, so I'm hoping to talk them into taking me for a "ride" one day. After that trip I'm going to go spend a week with the friend I made the Ice Queen for, and my Baby Boy. We can shop till we drop and eat at all the best places for a solid week! She said to skip the diet for a week, so I'm skipping it! My grandkids tell me I never stay home now that I have Ruby, my new car. I think they're right, but it keeps me busy, gives me something fun to do and most of the places I go are easy to get to. With that car it's really, really easy!

Maybe I'll get with it and get some pictures of my "yarn haul" from my trips. Didn't buy any, not one bit, while in Florida but I bought a few beautiful things on our other trip. Had to put something in that big ole bag.

Have a great September and Happy Knitting!

ETA! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Oldest Baby Girl, who turned 31 (ouch) on the 4th of September!
And, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful middle grandchild who turned 11 on Sept 3rd. Happy Birthday you two, I love you lots and lots.


StringPlay said...

Great post! LOVE the new bag. Knit in style. Lucky friend to be getting your beaded Ice Queen! You've been busy, girl. Enjoy your next trip, too.

Beth said...

You have been busy, lady! Glad you're having so much fun! How's that sweet puggy?