Monday, September 29, 2008

How About a List?

This is the worst blog ever, I'm sure. I've done alot of traveling this summer and have issues with both computers, so things around ScrappyKnitter Blogland are slow! Here's the list of where I've been:

Atlanta (3x)
Macon/Atlanta - 9 days
Palm Coast Florida - 7 days
Blairsville, GA - 9 days
Several weekends at different places for shooting tournaments

What I've been knitting (and sorry, no pictures because of the computer issues again):

February Lady Sweater - totally frogged after 2/3rds done
Still working on the Goddess Knits Anniversary shawl
Baby sweater for a friend-about 2 inches of the last sleeve to go
Jared's doily afghan- that'll take forever, but I'm in no hurry
Log Cabin Afghan-work on that when I need to talk/visit
Nantucket Jacket, in pink, for my Mom - special order!

I'm also getting real anxious to sew again. Another great blogger (Stringplay) had a link to a fun little bag to sew and while spending the week at my Mom's she and I made one for the Baby Girl. I'm going to make another one for me, it's a great little project bag to keep in the car.

I joined a pug swap on Ravelry but my Blackberry can't/won't get Ravelry and while I was at my Mom's we were all supposed to send in our address and all, but, since I couldn't get it on my phone I missed it and I guess they've dropped me. I was kinda sad cause I've never done one and thought it would be fun. Guess next time I better take my laptop, even though it's not working right now, atleast then it did and I could have done things on time. Poo!

I'm going out of town for another week to visit a very good friend and my Baby Boy so I might not have another entry till the end of Oct, first of November, but I'm always thinking about what to write and tell you all (all, like I have a ton of people out there in the world reading this sad excuse of a blog). And of course, I'm always reading yours. I can read them on my phone so that's my nighttime reading when I'm out of town. I love it! I'll try to figure out how to get pictures in here too, or, get the dang laptop fixed.

Happy Knitting!


Nautical Knitter said...

I just tagged you over at my Nautical Knitter blog...Enjoy!

StringPlay said...

Hello! Glad to see a post, but LIFE is better than blogging, so just enjoy yourself and enjoy being with all those you visit. Glad to read you got a little bag made. They are fun (and addictive). I look forward to reports on the Nantucket. That's a beautiful pattern. Isn't the fall weather heavenly?!!