Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pug Knit Swap

This was a fun swap, even though we kind of got off to a bad start. I was away on one of my mini vacations when I was supposed to reply with my name and address, or something and my Blackberry cannot sign in to Ravelry for some reason. But, we figured it all out and this package was awesome!
My swap partner, Smatchell, made these. I love them! They'll work with so many projects and my favorite color, too. They came in the cute little red change purse, my other favorite color. This one couldn't keep her head, nose and body out of the box! She could smell something good in there. First thing she pulled out was the box of chocolates, but I quickly told her they weren't for her. She was so funny, just grabbing at anything she could get her mouth around.
Thank you Smatchell. We love every bit of that box, even the pretty purple fabric that everything was wrapped up in!

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