Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Turkey's, Cakes and Beret's

Did you all survive the big Thanksgiving feast? Wow, I need to do the Wii Fit every single day between now and Christmas if I'm going to eat like that again! I know better too. I can't eat all that stuff, but it sure did taste good. It's all gone now, so back to eating right. We had dinner at our Oldest Daughters. Here's 1/3 of the table. This table spans the length of her livingroom AND her diningroom!
She not only made the whole dinner, she also made this to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of my Heart Attack. My favorite cake - chocolate with white frosting. My heart was very happy!
I made this tam for my oldest Granddaughter. I've had this yarn forever, and this hat only used a little over a skein. I was hoping to use it up. I'm trying to knit with yarn I have because, well, I have way too much!
Ravelry pattern:Baroness Beret by Susan Power
Yarn: Green and white GGH something (This is unblocked)

Happy Knitting!


stringplay said...

What a wonderful looking Thanksgiving table (and LONG, too!). How accomplished your oldest daughter must be. I'd faint if I had to cook for that number. (possibly the guests would faint as well! LOL) And how really sweet and thoughtful about the cake. You have a loving family. That's something to really be thankful for. The tam looks great. I've been wanting to try one, but just how ODD would I look??

Neshaminy said...

Aw, I love this blog Mom! I loved having everyone here for dinner and being able to cook and decorate for the occasion. This was one of my favorite Thanksgivings as an adult! I loved being able to give back to everyone who always helps me so much, and this is the way I know how! So THANK YOU! The cake, of course we had to celebrate and I knew better then to make anything else. God spared you for us two years ago and that is something to be happy about. (I LOVE YOU) Also, the berrette- (sp) your oldest granddaughter absolutely LOVES it. She won't wear it to school but always has it on around the house!
And thank you to stringplay for making me sound like such a wonderful hostess, it's very easy when it's for the people you love!