Thursday, February 12, 2009

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

These are some of things I worked on while on my 2 week vacation in the freezing cold state of Florida. Broke the all time record for the coldest night 3 nights in a row! Good thing we have Northern blood in us.

I'm calling this Emerald Beach Shell Diving Shawl. It's almost the same color as the Gulf of Mexico water and the place we stayed was Emerald Beach. Not sure if you can see in this picture, but there's pink size 6 seed beads in it to represent the shells we found.

Pattern: From LYS but named Emerald Beach Shell Diving Shawl by me
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy (my new FAVORITE yarn) from same LYS
Needles: Denise Circular size 10 1/2
Beads: pink seed beads size 6 from the Beadwrangler
I'll post another picture of it when it's done. This one's not quite finished yet.
Need another vacation to gether done.

This is a free Ravelry pattern and I love it! Loved making it and love the yarn.
Pattern: Thermis
Yarn: Mongolian Cashmere
Needles: size 7 KP circulars
Soft and cozy

I sure do get alot of knitting done when I'm in the sunny state of Florida. I could sit on a beach and knit for ever and ever. Not on the first week of the trip, that was so cold we walked to stay warm (and I lost 5 pounds!). The second part of our trip was in the Panhandle, on the Gulf side, that was nice for about 2 days.

Here's a pair of quick Mary Jane Slippers. This too is a Ravelry pattern. I'm really enjoying all these quick knits. It's nice to actually finish things.

I also made the oldest a Ponytail hat like the one I made the Baby Girl {here}. She's supposed to be sending me a picture of it on but I think she's a little busy with 3 kids, college and a new job.

I've started a couple of cowls, another scarf and hope to finish the shawl from above. Leaving tomorrow for another mini vacation so maybe when I get back I'll have time to post pictures and tell you why on earth someone that lives in the warm (75 today) sunny southeast could possibly need cowls and scarves. Stay tuned.

And Happy Valentine's Day! And Happy President's Birthday Day! And a VERY Happy Birthday to my favorite man in the whole world. Happy Knitting!


stringplay said...

Goodness gracious, girl! You sure churned it out during the trip. AND just how LONG was that walk on the beach to have lost 5 lbs?? Walking is so much more enjoyable at the beach, isn't it? LOVE the cashmere neckwarmer. And I've been searching through Ravelry for some slippers. Yours look very nice.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm so behind on your blog, I'm sad. I need to get caught up, but yes, I will get you a picture. Figures once I get it, it warms up. Haha. Love the booties, those are adorable...and the thing with buttons, what is that?
Got more to check out on here, you've been a busy woman! =D
Love ya.