Saturday, March 14, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggitey Jig

Now, if this post was written by my friend Stringplay, she'd look up that poem and have it all written out here for you, but, since it would take time from my knitting I'll let you look it up. LOL Google is my best friend.

I'm home. Boston was AWESOME! Spending 4 days in very close proximity to your hometown in the dead of winter is more fun than I could tell you. AND, we had a mini blizzard the day we left and I had to sit on a plane and watch it be deiced! 15" of that beautiful white stuff I got to walk through, kick, shiver in and fly back to Atlanta in. I wasn't "scared to death" but I was thinking "how weird is this. I hate to fly (used to), always said if I had to sit on a plane while they deiced it I'd just have to get off." Well, I didn't, sat right there in my seat and never once thought - what if. I even knitted while on the plane. I NEVER have been able to do anything while on a plane except pray, A LOT! Great time, great time. I'd love to show pictures but I have a slight problem with that too. My adorable son took some great one's too, but I got home, took the smart card out of my camera to have the pictures printed at the store, decided to wait till I went to my oldest daughters store (less crouded) and now I don't know what I did with the smart card. I know it's around here somewhere. So, when I find it I'll be sure and plaster my snow pictures all over this blog.

Okay, yes, I do knit. So, here's the knitting of late:This is Ene's Shawl by Nancy Bush
from Scarf Style
I'm doing it in Knit Picks Shine Sport. I want a big, big shawl to wrap around myself when I'm cold, reading, sick, and it has to be big enough to wrap a pug and hotdog in cause if I have a blanket they have to be under it too. And this Shine Sport is cotton and modal so it won't make me itch and it's super soft.

This one I call "Waiting." But it's actually a recipe on Ravelry by Orlane and it's a really fun, easy pattern and I'm doing it in some DK weight cotton that I have, again cause I can't stand itchy yarn. Why "Waiting?" Well, the Baby Girl is home for Spring Break and she goes in Thursday to have her jaw operated on again. This is the biggy; incisions on both sides, just in front of her ears, they're taking out the cartilage and sanding down the bone/hinge of her jaw because she has bone spurs! It's still outpatient surgery but they said it would take longer and there's a longer healing time, so, while I wait, pace, worry, and pray, I'll knit "Waiting." Send good thoughts our way for her, she's really suffered with this thing long enough.

So, aside from all the things I don't have pictures of (like the beautiful Boston snow storm), that's about it. I'm staying home for awhile, need to do some spring cleaning, give the honey and the pug and the dachshund some attention, then I'll be going again, I'm sure. But, for the next several weeks I'm staying put.

From a Scottish Yankee, Happy St. Patrick's Day to all. Are you making corned beef and cabbage? Got mine all ready to go in the pot! YUM, I can smell it already.

Happy Knitting!
PS Here's a special hello to an "old" online friend who also has heart problems. Here's to you kid! And here's hoping your heart is fine!


Beth said...

Ene looks very pretty in that color!

stringplay said...

If those cards were really smart they'd not wander around so much! Oh, I love the way your Ene looks. Now that I've had a little practice with casting on so many stitches, I've been having another look at Ene. I've always loved how it looks, I was just scared before. I love the color you are using.