Friday, March 20, 2009

Surgery, Medical and otherwise

Yup, left here at 5:15 a.m. to get the Baby Girl to the hospital for her 8 o'clock surgery and I backed right into her friends truck. NOT happy! 'nough said.
Pretty sad, but I love what they did to her hair. She has really curly hair, like banana curls, and I'd say someone liked playing with it cause usually after this it's tucked up in the bandages to stay out of the way. She had 5 stitches on each side and the incisions are where they'd cut if you had a face lift. So, if she ever does, she won't have to worry about new scars, they'll already be there.

We were home again by noon! She got up this morning and took her meds and ate pancakes! HALLELUJAH!!!!! Lets hope this is the final TMJ surgery for this child.

I'm battling the extremely thick pollen and have a wonderfully painful sinus infection, so, I'm finishing my tea (an actual tea bag cup of tea, imagine that? first time ever!!!) and going back to my chair. The pain has got to go away sooner or later.

Happy Knitting!


stringplay said...

Oh, no!! I'm sure the pain about the car has lessened; but oh, no. That's what happens when we have ALL our thoughts and concerns focused on our child. Glad to hear things went so well.

Beth said...

I'm glad your daughter is doing so well!