Thursday, January 08, 2009

It's Still a Mess

The Baby Girl is on a trip with her University Chorus group to Michigan and she asked me to make her a hat. The hat I referred to in my last post is kicking my butt, so I gave her this one so her ears wouldn't freeze up! It's the Colorimtry hat from Bonne Marie at ChicKnits and was a lot of fun and really fast to make. I did make a few changes, like not doing about 1/2 of the increase rows. She likes is and it covers her ears, so that's one more skein of yarn out the door!

The yarn is almost done being organized, but I've run out of room in the closet. I really hate having this mess. From this day forward I WILL NOT BUY YARN UNLESS IT'S FOR SOMETHING SPECIFIC! Alot of this yarn I bought when my LYS went out of business but now, looking at patterns to use it up, there are very few people using these yarns for anything. I guess I'm going to be knitting alot of scarves, hats, mittens, wrist warmers and such. BTB suggested afghans, so I think I'll use the heavier yarn for that. We live in the South, where the temperature so far hasn't dropped low enough to wear a sweater, never mind hats, scarves and all that. Jeesh!

This is what BTB gave me for Christmas this year. It's a sheep! He is the cutest thing and he's holding an ear of corn. Oh, and the TV? That's my new flat screen TV to use with my Wii Fit. Makes walking that walk alot prettier!

Happy Knitting!

PS Marissa, thanks for stopping by. I couldn't e-mail you cause I don't have your e-mail. Nice to meet you though. Stop by again.

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stringplay said...

Hi, Sheri. I love the new sheep. Who doesn't love corn on the cob?! And the hat or ear warmer looks great. Weather is crazy, huh?