Sunday, February 08, 2009

Pretty in Red

My favorite color! This was the most relaxing scarf pattern ever! I started it on our trip and finished it within the first 7 days. I've always wanted a red scarf. This one was perfect.

Started: Jan 19, 2009
Name: Pearl-Barred Scallop Scarf (free download from Ravelry)
Yarn: Cabin Cove Mercantile 100% Superwash Marino
Amt: 400 Yards
Needles: Size 9 Lantern Moon
Finished: Jan 26, 2009

Our trip was totally freezing but we had the best time ever. We went shell diving, ate shell fish, and sat around and watched the water, some of us knit, some of us napped. Great vacation!

More pictures next time. Getting ready for another trip but I'll try to get pictures and post them before we leave.

Happy Knitting!


Beth said...

That's such a pretty scarf! I'm glad you had a great trip. Have fun on your next one, too! :)

Catherine Kerth said...

wow! i love the scarf... and the red color is really pretty!

stringplay said...

Sheri, what a BEAUTIFUL scarf! And didn't you set a record with the knitting time. Just lovely. And ooooh, Lantern Moon needles? This must have been a very nice project to do. Glad you had such a good trip.