Saturday, May 14, 2011

To Knit? To Ravelry? Which?

I feel as though I do nothing but knit, but after lots of thought on the subject, I've come to the conclusion that I do a lot of surfing on Ravelry, perusing knitting magazines and thinking about all the things I wish I could knit but just never get around to actually knitting because I spend so much time doing all of the above.  Vicious cycle.

Saroyan for the Baby Girl to take with her on her trip to Africa this year.

This is me! I had a lesson in shooting a 22 semi-automatic handgun. Fun, I enjoyed it but I can't see me doing that for anything but target practice.  By the time I remembered where to put my left hand, where to put my right hand, where to put my feet, how to lean, the bad guy would have been there and gone.  Not so sure I could shoot a person anyway, no matter how bad they were.  I had NO trouble shooting my "paper man target" though.  I was given 50 bullets and that bugger had 49 bullet holes in him, most through the heart and the head. YAY ME!

I think this cute little guy is some type of Warbler. It's so tiny! It comes to the feeder twice a day but we only see one at a time. My Grandmother and my Mom have always loved birdwatching. I thought it was for "old people." Well, I've been enjoying watching birds for about 25+ years now so I guess I was wrong, or I'm old. NOT!!!

This was a very fun, enjoyable, fast knit. After reading the Rainey Sisters blog on the Herbert Niebling Doily I thought I should try a simpler one and loved it. I've said before that my Great Grandmother crocheted with very thin crochet cotton, things like bedspreads, wedding bells on all our pillowcases she gave to her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and I think I have her love for thread. I loved this project.The Queen's Lace, Piecework Magazine, Lace Special
The middle, or beginning, is the hardest part of the whole thing.

Bath Time

Uh, dropped a stitch, which turned into 5 stitches. Well, guess I'll fix it later.
Put a knitting needle into the 5 stitches to deal with later.
Love the middle but don't look too close. This was a fun knit but boring at times and there's a few mistakes.
This is the Insignia scarf by Cecily Glowick MacDonald. I'm doing it in Banana Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.  Kind of a relaxing knit since it's all garter stitch.  I love garter stitch and will save this for the "Wedding Parties" camping trip next weekend.  I'm looking forward to that, and as of right now all 3 of my kids and 2 of the grandkids will be there, along with lots of young, energetic friends of my daughters and her future husbands. I'll need knitting for 4 glorious days in the sun!  Yeah!!!!
Carolina Wrens  Not too old as they thought this was the nest and just laid there and rested.  I took 10 pictures of these 2 cute little things. 
This is a Beach bag from Lion Brand Yarn on Ravelry I started last night. I had the urge to crochet and had some crochet cotton (and might have bought a few colors to add to it.)

My new sock Jeck, free from Ravelry. My Sunshine holds my stitch markers. Isn't he cute?

And, the Nantucket basket my father made for me is just the right size to hold a skein of sock yarn so it doesn't roll on the floor and get covered in bright white pug hair!

Back to knitting/Ravelry/NCIS - oh, that's my Knitting Show.  I bought every season from the beginning and Gibbs and the gang keep me company while I knit, check out Ravelry or read a knitting magazine.  Being a retired SAHM is kind of boring so I have to have company.............

Happy Knitting!


Anonymous said...

You have been very busy and all your projects look great. I am not sure which bird that is but we have them too.

Did you read about the woman in metro Atlanta who saved herself when an intruder entered her house last week? She fooled him by saying she had money in the bedroom but got her 22 pistol and killed him. She is receiving high praise from police and neighbors. Your target practice could come in handy some day.

Alexandria said...

Catherine and Makena are going to love their shawls! =)

stringplay said...

WOWee!! You are churning out the projects and all of them are lovely! I can hardly believe you already have the Queen's Lace doily done. Seems like the magazine just came out. Of course I want to try that one. The Saroyan is fabulous. And you know I never met a bag (or an M&M) that I didn't like. : )

Have a wonderful trip.