Monday, May 23, 2011

Knitting, Wedding Parties, Family and Camping

 Because Sonja put this on her blog, and I read it, I decided it was time for me to do another KAL (knit a-long).  The first one I ever did was with Wendy at Wendyknits.  This is the Summer Mystery Shawl.
 The Baby Girl had a camp out with her wedding party, Mom (me) and Dad, Libby and Maggi (the puppies), her Big Sister, Big Brother and niece Lyssa and nephew Jay.  We had 3 tents and 1 camper (Mom and Dad's) all lined up. 14 people and lots of site seeing around the park, campfires, roasted marshmallow's, hikes in the woods and card games.
 Actually got my 'son-in-law to be' to hold up my Jeck sock.
 Then, his groomsman, Ben got a turn (notice him looking?).
Then it was Neal's turn.  Now, Neal didn't want to just hold it for a picture, he wanted to know how the "heck you make a sock?"  So, he studied it real hard, I showed him how to knit one stitch and that was it.  That's the Baby Girl looking, and laughing. She can't figure out how I make them either (magic, right?) but she sure likes wearing them. She didn't even ask if this one was for her.

Happy Knitting!


Alexandria said...

I would be perfectly happy if you let me have those socks. I can't get enough. =) My hands and feet get freezing.

Love you, Mommy. I'm ready for some beach time/shopping time with you.


stringplay said...

I'm having FUN so far on this knitting mystery. Hope you are enjoying it as well. I love the color of the yarn you're using. I cannot say that I love camping, though. Definitely not my thing. However, it looks like you all enjoyed it and the main thing is just enjoying being together.