Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm a Once A Month Blogger!

I can't believe it was May 23rd when I blogged last.  Well, lots has been going on and I've been either busy, sick, or busy.  Actually, I haven't been that busy, except I consider my knitting being busy. I've just been diagnosed with Thryoid Disease, which isn't a bad thing because I thought I must be dying a slow death of something mysterious that no-one could figure out.  I've had no, and I mean NO, ambition, never feel good, tired beyond tired, major weight gain, depressed, all kinds of things.  So, my youngest and my Mom insisted I go and have a blood test to check my T3-T4 and TSH (?), which are thyroid hormones.  Well, they came back high, I'm on thyroid meds and HOPING they make me feel more like myself instead of an 80 year old woman on her last leg!  'nough said.

The Baby Girl, her fiance' and her best friend are in Africa again.  This is Alex's 3rd trip and she'll be gone for 6 weeks, then back 8 days and then her wedding.  My oh my that child has a lot on her plate and flew away to Africa.  Now I'm getting e-mails that "I forgot to do this, I forgot to that," so I have things to do besides knit. They are having a blast and I'm looking forward to my 3rd skein of "African Yarn."

Jeck Sock  One down, one to go

Add captionWendy's Mystery shawlette KAL

My little Japanese Bear to help Japan rebuild

Wendy's Mystery Shawl before blocking

Made this for one of Alex's friends in Africa.

Saroyan for Africa

Annis in Lotus Blossom Aurora


Knit One, Crochet Too Crock-O-Dye Wendy's Mystery Shawl KAL

I also finished my EZ Shawl that I started last summer around our 35th Anniversay, since it was 8/9/10 and EZ's 100th Birthday was the same day. Only took 10 months!!! I am now finishing up the Goddess Knits Anniversary Shawl. If you look on my projects page (ScrappyKnitter on Ravelry) you'll see that took a whole lot longer!

The cute model showing off all my knitting is my youngest granddaughter Lyssa (nick name Baby Jane). She loves to model, even in this hot weather. Notice she has on a shrug? Ick! Too hot for that. Thanks Baby Jane!

Off to knit. Hope it's cool where you are because here there's nothing else to do this summer but sit in the a/c. It's even too hot to get in our pool. Had 4 days this week over 100, with the heat index up around 104. Too hot for this Northerner!

Happy Knitting!

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stringplay said...

Sheri, sure hope you feel like a Spring Chicken soon. A COOL spring chicken. It is hard to do anything in this awful heat, unless it is indoors with lots of a/c and little unnecessary movement. ALL your projects are wonderful. I especially like your Wendy's Mystery Shawlette. How did you enjoy working with that yarn? I haven't tried it. Saw and commented on your EZ Pi. Big project there and you did a great job. You are certainly churning out the projects down there. Take care and stay cool.