Sunday, May 08, 2011

A Mother's Day!

My day has been amazing.  My youngest came home with her finance' for the weekend, my oldest were here with the grandkids, my Mom sent me a beautiful card and my son also sent me a great card.  My son's card said I could sit in bubbles and drink bubbles all day.  That would have been great but instead I was treated to hamburgers on the grill, a chocolate cake with white frosting, a small heart shaped cake for my breakfast tomorrow (I love chocolate cake in the morning), and a little pink bag filled with goodies to keep in Ruby.  I had a pedicure, I gave a pedicure, I talked to my oldest granddaughter on the phone, had a great conversation with my Mom and I'm sure will have a conversation with my son before the day is over.  It was a great Mother's Day weekend for this Mom.  I hope all of my Blogger and Ravelry friends also had a great Mother's Day!

Happy Knitting!

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stringplay said...

I am so glad you had such a wonderful day. You certainly deserve it. Chocolate cake sounds like a lovely way to start a wonderful day - or ANY day for that matter.