Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring + Flowering Shrubs + Trees = Pollen! aaaacchhhhuuuuu

I've been knitting - but not much.  I'm trying to finish up the back on the sweater I started for the wedding.  I have so many projects started I wonder which one will be done first. I'm a great starter and terrible at finishing.
I don't really have anything new to show so I'm going to hunt through my pictures and stick one a few in here so you'll have something to look at.  Until next time, enjoy the sunshine, I hope the pollen isn't getting to you! I'll be sneezing and blowing my nose and hoping it ends soon so I can look down to knit without....................well, you know.
Happy Knitting!
Japanese Magnolia

Camellia Tree
Tybee last year. Can't wait to go back!


stringplay said...

Haven't really noticed much pollen here so far. The dogwoods did start blooming which seems a bit early. I spent a good chunk of time Friday cutting down vines and clearing briars. Perfectly good knitting time WASTED. : )
Hope you feel better soon. Knitting is therapy. FOs are just icing on the cake.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, pollen came early this year and we are already suffering, even with allergy meds. So is my dog who now must take Benadryl every day per the Vet.

Beautiful photos!

Marli and Memory said...

well can't say much about pollen because i just haven't noticed it! ;) i love the last picture... so pretty! :)