Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sandy Beaches, Sunshine and Fun (oh, and knitting, of course)

What do I do when it's 96 and 110 heat index? I go to the beach!

Got my chair, my umbrella, lots of water, towel and ......................
My knitting. This is the Bride's Sachet bag from Knitting Daily.
And to have lots of fun in that water I take my 13 year old granddaughter.
It also helps that BTB is remodeling a house on this beach. We get up at 7 and ride 1 1/2 hours to get here, but it was well worth it! I was born and raised on a beach and I really miss it so this was like a mini vacation for me.

And next week? Next week I head to the mountains. The Baby Girl is flying off to Africa to do mission work with her school and I'm going to my parents, she's going to my parents and I'm going to drive her to the airport. Can't have her going that far away, for a month! without a big hug from her Mommy! More gray hair for me. So, I won't be around for awhile blogging but I will have my Cute Little Pink Thing and my Pinkberry, so I can keep up with what everyone's working on.

Have a safe, happy, carefree summer.

Happy Knitting!

Gregory House's birthday was June 11th. He was 50 years old! Happy Birthday Dr. House.
(Thanks to Stringplay for that little piece of information!)

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stringplay said...

The beach looks great. WARM, but great. And there's always a breeze at the beach, right! Glad you're enjoying time with granddaughter and I'll be remembering your daughter in her travels. What a terrific experience.