Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sunshine, Socks and House

Just a quick post today because there's a House Marathon on and I'm going to watch it. I love House and I knit really fast if I'm watching him.

This is a pair of socks that my oldest granddaughter asked me to make. They are not going to be hers however, they are too small. So, I have a new pair of socks and I'm in the process (very slow process) of making her another pair. I'm not a sock knitter, but I'm trying, just for her.

Still working on all the other things from the last post. They're all a little longer but not really much to show.

Have a great weekend and if you live in Georgia, enjoy the abundance of sunshine that is finally upon us!

Happy Knitting!

1 comment:

stringplay said...

I love "House" but somehow I never see it. (maybe because I never turn on the TV??)

Socks look nice and aren't you sweet to try again for your granddaughter. She'll always remember them.