Friday, January 12, 2007

So Much to Say!

1st! Happy Birthday to my first born granddaughter, Alexis Breanna! She's 11 today - a "between ager" already. I love you Lexie Pooh! Have fun tomorrow building your buddy!

2nd I'm sorry for not sending out any e-mails from my last blog comments but, well, it's been a little crazy around here and my broadband service hasn't worked in 2 days. But, I got them all and I read them all and I love hearing from all of you. Did anyone notice I had a new commenter? She's the Oldest, what I used to call the Oldest Baby Girl but caught heck from the Baby Girl for calling her that so now she's going to be my Oldest Child I guess.

3rd. Sitting down? This is SO awesome! Went for my stress eccocardiogram on Monday (NOT a stress test, which I was told was simple) and well, (sitting?) I passed with flying colors. Well, my heart passed with flying colors, the rest of me needs a little work. He said anyone looking at my heart would never know I had a heart attack and that whatever it was I was doing to keep at it. So, my new way of eating (no fat, fried or fast food) and, well, something none of you knew, and not something I would have written on here unless I'd been asked, I quit smoking the day of the heart attack and I've been walking. So, I guess those 3 things are working cause my heart has no damage from the attack and all looks SUPER! I was told though, that I was VERY out of shape (no kidding) and that I needed to continue to lose weight and exercise (no kidding!). And, he doesn't want to see me again until spring! I had an appointment for the 1st week in Feb but he said I didn't need to keep it, he just said "see you in the spring." YAHOO!!!!

Did you notice my ticker up at the top? I know it says 10 days but that's wrong, we only have 9 days and I for one am getting VERY excited. 14 wonderful, warm days on a beach, in the sand in tropical paradise! WHOO HOO! Been buying some clothes (some of my "old" clothes are getting too big) and last night got a pair of sandles that were on sale cause BTB liked them (imagine that!). So, I'm getting ready and I even had clearance from the Doc to take my bike, so we'll be riding around down there in the sunny Keys.

Okay, here's a picture.

One of my other gift baskets to myself! Hey, I quit smoking, I quit eating food that tastes good and I'm walking so I decided I had to have some gifts, so, here is the other. Here it is opened:This one is also from Lantern Moons and I love it. This is the one I ordered first and they accidently sent me the 3 tier basket in my last post. How could you refuse either of them? I have one more but I'll save that for next time. I also got myself something else, not a basket, but something to take on our trip that I've wanted for awhile, to use for blogging. Want to see it? Yeah, I know you can't wait. Okay, here's my newest toy:
I wanted a camera small enough to fit in my pocket or purse and this one fit the bill. And, it is tiny! I love it and can't wait to try it out in the Keys (did I mention, only 9 more days?). My other camera will go, that one takes great close ups and pictures of the scenery.

I've got 10 inches done on my vest that I showed in the last post. 4 more inches to go and I start the armhole decreases. I was hoping to finish it before our trip but not too sure. Might make it.

I had lunch with Both Baby Girls yesterday and the Baby Girls best friend. Daughter the Oldest started college on Monday and got internet access on Tuesday so she's a happy camper! Imagine having 3 little kids, 2 with special needs, and going to college full time? She'll do it too, she's got her fathers spunk for learning. I love hearing from the 2 of them now, they tell me about meeting up with each other between classes, having lunch together and Daughter the Oldest sitting with the Baby Girl so she can help her with her math. Little sisters aren't all bad! Actually, WE ROCK!

I'm done. Whew, long winded me. Just wanted to update everything and I think that covers it. BTB and I are off to Charleston tomorrow with friends so if I find the yarn shop I'll let you all know. :o)

Happy Knitting!


Anonymous said...

Well, my best friend and I definitely enjoy you having lunch with us (and the free food. haha).

And its nice having my sister around. Mmhmm.

I cannot believe you bought that camera. I'm still super jealous. Thats seriously the one I was going to buy.

Congrats on all the weight you're losing, Mommy. =)

I love you lots.

Love, Your Baby Girl

Sheri said...

Baby Girl, you do make me proud! Sorry I got your camera, I was too busy trying to get your other one repaired and back to you. :o) It was the one you wanted a year ago, right? LOL
Love you too!

Ann said...

I am pretty darn proud of you for quitting smoking and really working to make some changes for your health.

You deserve all sorts of little prizes for that.

The Keys...I love that place.

Beth said...

Congratulations on the terrific checkup! That is wonderful news!!!

Kathy said...

Wow, Sheri! I'm so happy that your Echo turned out so well--It actually brought tears to my eyes! And quitting smoking...whew, that was a necessary thing to do, and I'm proud of you!

Go Sheri!

Maureen said...

Great news on your doctor visit. Congrats on quitting smoking. I quit almost five years ago...I remember how difficult it was. I love your new basket.

Sheri said...

Ann, Beth, Kathy and Maureen,

Thanks! I'm ready for a nice long life so had to do what I was told (but, only for my health, I hate doing what I'm told). The not smoking part hasnt' really been bad, it's the not eating that's bugging me now. I have to get used to eating fruits again, and veggies as snacks. And, relearning how to cook lowfat. BTB is doing everything with me so that makes it alot easier.
Thanks again for all the congrats. You all make my day when you comment!
Oh, and Ann, I'll be waving from the USA marker - showed BTB your blog picture so he'd know where we're going. :o)
Thanks again all,

Dave Daniels said...

Congratulations on quitting. I did it a couple of years ago. And I use the $$$ to improve the quality of my life with things like new yarn, books, etc. Good for you.
And thanks for the photos of the basket. I've seen it on the site, but wondered about it.