Sunday, January 07, 2007

My Bearista, Basket and Vest

Isn't she cute? Her hat is crocheted, her sweater and scarf are knit and she even has a crocheted flower on her hat. This is my Starbucks Bearista! She was on sale so how could I pass her up?Remember when I said I was buying myself something every week? Well, I only did it a few times (I'm not that greedy, really) and this is one of my purchases. This is the Lantern Moon 3 tier basket that I was sent by mistake but it was a GREAT mistake. I love it and so does BTB. I'm so glad I decided to keep it and not return it. Yes, I paid for it, and I think she was surprised when I said "can you add it to my credit card?" [Excuse the shoe on my Grandma's desk, Libby decided to grab it and run, hoping we'd chase her. We did and this is where we caught her and the shoe.]

This is my newest knit although I just started it yesterday so it's not more than a few inches above this. It's the Ribby Shell from Chicknits. I'm doing it one size bigger than I need so I can wear it on cool days more as a vest, like Bonne Marie is doing with her other shell. The yarn is so pretty and soft - it's Knitpicks Salishan in Rose. I'm loving it.

Tomorrow is my stress test at the Cardiologist, then I see him right after it. If he FINALLY tells me I can start Cardiac Rehab I might join the 100 mile walk thing that's going around blogland. If not, I'll go nutty and will start walking around my yard a few times a day. I'm getting tired of sitting around!!!! Maybe it's cause I've lost enough weight now to make everything feel better. I'm eating like a bird but really not missing anything but my chocolate fix every once in awhile. After having a heart attack I'm scared to death to eat anything with much fat in it and hate eating anything with cholesterol, so, I don't. I'm allowed 20 grams of fat a day (I probably eat about 1/2 that), 300 mg of cholesterol (I don't think I eat any in a day) and 1500 calories. Shoot, when you can't have fat you don't get many calories! I'm not complaining, just making note of it all. I wouldn't change it, I'm here to tell about it and that makes me very happy!

The baby girl went back to school yesterday and the house is back to being really, really quiet. But, we're taking her and her roommate/best friend on a trip. I'll tell you more about that next time and I have another picture of another gift to myself.

Have a great week and Happy Knitting!


Susan said...

oh that bear is so cute! I love her. And, I love your sweater but I've never seen Knitpicks Salishan. Is that a new one? Lucky you and the baskets. I'm afraid my cats would think I had purchased them new beds *G*. Hey...good luck at the cardiologist's. I bet they're going to be quite proud of you! I know I am!

Beth said...

Your bear is definitely adorable! And speaking of adorable, that's funny that Libby does the chasing thing. Phoebe will do that with my daughter's toys. She'll sneak into the play room, grab something, look at me and run. Aren't they funny?

I've got Ribby Shell on the needles now, too. I started it last summer and haven't touched it since September. I'll get back to it soon, though.

Good luck with your stress test. I had one last year and was happy to know what things looked like.

Kathy said...

Maybe you should splurge on a really nice, expensive, very dark chocolate bar some week soon. If you get one that's 65% cacao or higher, you can be satisfied with one small square, since it's so very rich and chocolatey. And it's lower in fat than chocolate with less cacao and more cocoa butter.

Baby Girl #1 said...

Hello Mommy, this is the oldest baby girl! Or, well, what am I called. I cannot get to sleep knowing I have my new computer and now internet, and your blog popped in my head so I got on to read it and catch up! It all looks good, and I love the pictures you are taking to showcase it all!

Glad you liked your bear and her poncho, I couldn't resist when I saw it, and was scared to death it wasn't going to get here on time.

Happy knitting. I miss talking to you, but I am really enjoying being in school and having a different kind of "busy" to focus my energy on!

Love you lots!

Ann said...

Keep up the great work, it's challenging but well worth the effort!

Maureen said...

The bear is adorable....I am in love with your Lantern Moon basket. Glad to hear you are doing well.

Anonymous said...

Hey, why aren't you blogging?! I can finally read them and nothing new.... get with it chicky!
Love ya Mom!