Sunday, January 14, 2007

New Yarn Shop-ping and I Met My 1st Blogger!

Yesterday BTB took me to Charleston and we found Knit (no web site), a yarn shop that has so much yarn, so many books, needles, you name it, it has it. I thought I was in knitters heaven. And, who do you suppose I happened to see/meet/shake hands with? It was Vera! She is the first blogger that I've actually met in person! And here I thought it would be one of you gals up in/near Atlanta that I'd meet first. Well, you just never know!

Did I buy anything? I sure did, but no yarn. I'm trying really hard not to buy any, atleast until my trip to the Keys (one more week!). Here's what I got. Alice Starmore's book, The Celtic Collection
It's got some beautiful sweaters in it and it's got great pictures. If nothing else, it's a fun book to look thru and read.
Adrienne Vittadini Yarns
A very fancy name for some beautiful knittted sweaters!
The knitting needles are Bryson, made of rosewood. Hey, I'm knitting from stash only (right this minute anyway), but needles/books/accessories don't count. They were so pretty, and I don't have any, so they needed to come home with me. The other needles, the circular ones, are from Crystal Palace and it says it's a new design on the front. I'd never tried them either, so of course, I had to get them. I like coming out of LYS's with something, I think if nothing else it helps their business a little bit. And, did you see, right on top of the girls forehead on the Celtic book? I finally found my bee measuring tape. I'm trying really hard not to buy these on-line but in yarn shops and I was really getting worried I wouldn't get the bee. I found my bee! I can't wait to go back to Knit, I loved it. Two hours isn't that far to go for(touching) some beautiful yarn, and a day in Charleston, right?

I'm going to go do the last 1/2 inch of my vest before starting the decreases. We're getting really excitedabout our trip and keep checking the weather reports. 82 today and the water temp is 83! Not bad, but it's still in the 70's here and we thought we'd be freezing and going down there to warm up. Oh well, I'm going AND, I just found a new yarn shop that is beautiful down there. BTB says to print out the maps and that I did, it's in the folder.

Happy Knitting!


Vera H. said...

It was very nice meeting you too.

Knit does have a, but it hasn't been updated lately although it will be soon.

Catherine Kerth said...

Very neat that you got the chance to meet a fellow blogger ;) LOVE the new goods... that celtic knitting looks GREAT! the vest is gonna look awesome!

Beth said...

What a fun time! And I'm glad to hear that you have your priorities straight and have the map printed to the knitting store! Have a great trip!!!

Susan said...

Oh how fun. Got some goodies and got to meet a blogger! What a great day.I can't wait to hear all about your trip!

Anonymous said...

I thought you updated this thing daily. What, you busy packing for your big trip? I bet so.
I'm so excited for you and Daddy, I hope you have a blast.
Love ya,
Oldest Daughter

Susan said...

hey aren't you leaving today? or tomorrow?? Have a great time!