Thursday, December 14, 2006

12 Days to Go!

This is my 2006 Snowman. I collect snowmen and usually only the ones that say Let it Snow but this one was so cute I couldn't resist. And, it came from a school fundraiser and how can you say no to your granddaughter when she asks you to buy something so she can win a prize. Win she did, too, a huge stuffed tiger from some kids movie. Anyway, 12 Days till Christmas. Are you ready?

This soap was in a box of goodies my Baby Boy sent me to help pass the time when I got home from the hospital. I was so surprised! I wish I had taken a picture of everything but I forgot. I got 3 magazines, some yummy German cookies, this soap, a Saduku book and the neatest bar of chocolate you've ever seen. Dang, I meant to take a picture of that and I forgot. Hold on, I'll go get the camera, you have to see this chocolate bar....
I haven't touched it yet, as you can see, cause I'm trying really hard to stick to the no fat, no fried, no fast food heart disease patients rules. So far I guess I've done pretty good, I've lost 8 pounds (yippy) and haven't missed the junk food too much. Just knowing that this chocolate "Emergency Bar" is in my drawer helps lots though!
These arrived yesterday amidst all the Christmas packages. The UPS guy must be sick of our address by now. I ordered them as my reward for sticking to all the new rules for 2 whole weeks! I'm going to gift myself every week until, well, until I run out of gifts to me! The Artic Lace is very interesting to read and there are some gorgeous patterns in it I can't wait to try. This is my 3rd book of the Barbara Walker series and although I haven't looked thru it yet I'm sure it's great. #4 might be next weeks gift. The Victorian Lace Today book is like going on a trip and the pictures are beautiful! There's lots in there I want to make too.
This cute little couple was made for my mother-in-law, by me, several years ago (like 15) and I got them back when she passed away this past June. The color is aweful but I wanted to put them in here and didn't want to go outside. (Lazy) Her dress is actually peach and his pants are tan with dark brown trim. I made both my mother and mother-in-law a pair of them for Christmas that year. They're all crochet and were lots of fun. I always wanted to do a pair for me but never got around to it. So, now I have a pair, passed down after 15 years. My Mom's are done in blue and sit on a little childs potty chair in her room.

I'm working on my swap pals Christmas present, the handmade part and hoping to finish it up today. Better late than never!! She's been a great sport about it and I'm glad I'm still around to make it. :o) Thanks again Kathy!

Might just work on putting together my Bistrow sweater this afternoon if I'm up to it. It's all done, just the dreaded part of putting it all together.

Hope you're all enjoying your Christmas preperations and taking it all with a grain of salt! Don't forget, chill out every now and again and relax FOR YOU! Stress causes Heart Disease in women......I didn't even know that the indigestion I was having so much was a sign of heart disease! There's a great web site that is full of info and even though this might bore you to death, if you don't read it you might find yourself in my shoes and believe me, that was NO fun!

Happy Knitting!
Women's Heart Health


Beth said...

Love your new book additions! My husband asked for a Christmas wish list from me and the Barbara Walker books are on it. :) Great job staying on track and losing 8 pounds!

Kathy said...

And I'm glad you're still around, too, Sheri. :)

The holidays always stress me out seriously, and I am doing my best to be relaxed about it this year. So far, so good...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're still around too, Mommy. It would have been a crappy Christmas without you.


Shez75 said...

Beth, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you for those books. They're awesome!
Kathy - I'm sure stress is something that Christmas brings to all women, we have to keep it all together, but this year I have to make them see that it's not healthy, for any of us. Chill, eat, open gifts, say thanks, go for a walk and that's it, another Christmas till next year. So much work!
Hey Baby Girl, you're getting pretty good about commenting on your mother's blog! Yeah, I'm glad things turned out they way they did, REALLY REALLY glad.
Thanks for commenting all....
Sheri "The Scrappy Knitter"

Susan said...

I'm late, I'm late. LOL I should have read this post 2 weeks ago. This year the holidays really got to me, and I've made a vow that next year is going to be way different. Would help if I hadn't procrastinated about doing stuff totally unrelated to the holidays but which had a deadline. So, hopefully that's all in the past and I can concentrate on my new knitting book. I got Folk Shawls for me from the cats and dog LOL

Your books are wonderful and isn't it fun to have so much to dream about.