Saturday, December 16, 2006

Blue Skies Over Georgia

I keep telling myself that it's December 16th but look at this sky! Beautiful! That is one of our 7 pecan trees. No leaves and no pecans. Not one pecan from 7 trees this year. That's not good cause I'm not paying for pecans!

What was the temperature you might ask? I'm not sure, see if you can figure it out. These are all within 10 feet of my deck. Go figure!
I'm working on a REALLY BIG sock and then I'm going to try really hard to get the Bistrow sweater sewn up. Maybe after a short little nap. I didn't take Beth's advice (forgot about it really) about the Chia Tea Latte before bedtime. Well, had one last night around 7 and watched that dang clock go around all night long. Finally said the heck with it at 5:30 and got up. Now I'm really, really sleepy.

Happy Knitting!


Anonymous said...

Almost 80 degrees...oh my.
It must not feel like December. Hope you are still taking it easy.

Beth said...

It has been so nice and warm the last few days! I hope we don't get hit with nasty weather later in the winter.

Those lattes can be brutal. :)

Robbyn said...

Don't feel all alone Sheri - you weren't the only one who couldn't sleep last night - and I think the culprit was tea in my case too :)

Anonymous said...

Woman. You need to update. I've read this one blog too many times. =) You better get cracking!

Love, your baby girl