Saturday, July 29, 2006

Saturday Sky

To rain or not to rain!
It wants to rain, it has to rain, we need rain really, really bad, but, it won't rain! These clouds were moving in about 1/2 hour ago, now we're having real strong wind gusts, but, do you think it'll rain? Nope, we haven't had rain in so long that my hydrangia's are wilted, brown and gonna die if they don't get some rain real soon! Everything is wilted, hot, sweaty, burnt; oops, wait, BTB says it's raining in the front yard. I do believe it may be raining in the back yard too. Nope, that was it, it rained long enough for me to type that, now it's stopped. Please send a little (just a little now) rain to South East Georgia, please!
It's not bothering this guy though. BTB went out today and cut a branch from the pecan tree that hangs over our big bird feeder. The squirrels would jump from the branch to it and eat all the sunflower seeds. Did it stop them? Nope. Can't get rain and can't stop the squirrels from piggin' out on the bird seed.

Knitting fodder tomorrow.

Happy Knitting!

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Beth said...

The same thing happened to us, too. It rained a tiny bit then stopped. It rained a little bit more then stopped again. Everything's crispy here, too.