Monday, July 31, 2006

I Need H.E.L.P!!!!

Remember this? I finished it and it now looks like this.

It was very pretty when it was finished but it was H. U. G. E!!! So, I got out my wool winder and undid all that knitting and am now working on Soleil from Knitty with that yarn. I swatched, I measured me, I swatched again to be sure, measured me again to be sure and cast on yesterday. I marked the pattern at intervals to check my gauge. I was right on with the size 6 needles the pattern suggested in my swatch but guess what? 6 inches into it, I measure and I'm not getting 22 stitches to 4" like in my swatch, I'm getting 26 stitches in 4". So, went to the other 1/2 of the other shell (only ripped out the front, it's such a sad job) and checked the gauge, which I was also dead on with my swatch, and it measure 29 sts. to 4"(that one was supposed to be 25 sts to 4"). Okay, now I know I go up a size in needles, but dang, it seems that going up too much more than a 6 is going to make this awfully loose and see thruey, no? My gauge must really change dramatically when I get going on something. I was even trying to tighten it up while working on Soleil. So, any suggestions? HELP! I had this same problem with a vest I wanted to make in Folk Vests and never could get gauge, so never made it. Does this mean I'm destined to forever make scarves and stoles/shawls? I want sweaters dangit, and sweaters that fit! Now I know why nothing ever fits me. I do a gauge swatch (which I hate doing) and it's right on, then I knit it, never to check gauge again (first mistake I see now) and the things are huge! Does anyone that reads this blog (I know, there's not too many) have this problem? Is there anyone out there who can help me figure this out? PALEASE!

Okay, on to better things. I got yarn in the mail today! Oh, how I love getting yarn in the mail (even though it seems it's not going to become a sweater or a vest!). I got this.
It's KnitPicks Main Line. The bottom color is Butter Pecan (sounds edible, doesn't it?), the middle is Cocoa and the top is Silver Sage. Wow, it's nice, feels nice and the colors are really pretty. This will go into my stash until I figure out what to make with it, or till I figure out my gauge problem. ;o( I was hoping to make a vest with the Butter Pecan and either a vest or short sleeved sweater with the Cocoa. Time will tell I suppose.
This is the yarn I got today from Rebekah for doing the Yarn Focus Challenge. The green on the bottom is Wild Foote in Desert Grass; the purple is KnitPicks Shadow in Grape Jelly and the red on top is (besides gorgeous!) Speed Demon Handpainted Sock Yarn. Thank you so much Rebekah! I love it all. Maybe one of these days I'll get a pair of socks done and then I can try all of these. I'm not too good at doing socks, but I'm trying.
Here is Icarus, all done, blocked and really a gorgeous shawl. I have thought of throwing it over my shoulders a few times when a cloud goes over and the house gets a little cooler from the air conditioning, but, the cloud doesn't last long enough. I knit this with Elann's Peruvian Wool, fingering weight I think. It was a fun knit and fast and easy enough for a new lace knitter to try. I forget how many balls I used but I think around 10. I ran out of yarn (needed 11 or 12 balls) and skipped the lace edging but you'd never know looking at it that the edging was missing. It came out just great.

The Baby Girl is packing and has one more day to get it all together. She moves into her new dorm room on Wednesday morning. I'm excited for her but I'm so sad! She's been a joy for 18 years and now is going off into the big, wide world. She'll do well, she's tough and determined, but dang, this Mommy is going to miss her Baby!
BTB is taking a BIG test tomorrow to be a Commercial Gen. Contractor. He's been studying for weeks and we'll all be relieved when it's over with. He'll do well, but these tests are written to trip you up so send good vibes this way tomorrow! With all this (and lots more I can't discuss on here) going on, it's not wonder I get lost in my knitting.
Thanks for all the comments on my last post. Someday I'm going to figure out how to thank you some other way. I love getting comments, it's the highlight of my blogging.
Happy Knitting till next time!


Catherine Kerth said...

WOW so many goodies to look at! the gauge problem plagues me as well... i always get something different on my swatch... so i just start knitting and check like you did... sometimes it ust doesn't work out :( hurumphhhh!give baby girl best wishes from me... and send her off with a hug and smile :)

Robbyn said...

Your Icarus is lovely - and such an exquisite color! I'm also just a tiny bit jealous of your Mainline stash :)

Roxie said...

First off, how big do you make your gauge swatch? I insist that my students make at LEAST a 6" square swatch in the [attern stitch. Ten inches is better. If you just cant abide the thought of that much swatching, add some 2/2 ribbing under the arms of your sweater. I call it "the fudge factor." If I knit American style, I am consistently on gauge. If I knit German style, it varies with my mood, which TV program I'm watching, how pretty the passing scenery is . . . Since I prefer to knit German style, most of my sweaters have a five or six rib fudge factor on each side.

Also, if you are knitting in the round, you have to swatch in the round. Ain't it a bore? Good luck!!

Rebekah said...

I'm glad you liked the yarn, I just loved that redish yarn too.

Icarus is beautiful! I can't wait to finish mine.