Sunday, May 07, 2006

Friends, Prom, Awards, Music

Now that I have practiced putting in links on my blog, I would like to say hi and thanks to some great blogging friends that have left me comments. It's taken awhile to figure this all out, but I think I've got it now. First, Catherine, who was kind enough to tell her friend Shelley about my blog and that I was "wineing" cause I never got any comments and thanks too, to Mary Ann,for stopping by. Thanks guys, you make my day every time I have a comment! Another commenter is Rebekah, who also is hostessing the Yarn Focus Challenge that I joined. She has the cutest dog, Abner, that will let her do just about anything! So, thank you all for your comments. I think there's a few more out there too but now that I have it all together (I think), I'll try to get back to you when you leave the comments. It's just hard getting all this straight, plus trying to get some knitting done and maybe some housework once in awhile. When I'm not so good at something (blogging)and can't do it just right, I tend not to want to mess with it. I'm working on it, but there's a lot to learn!

Okay, next up is the Baby Girl. Are you tired of hearing about her yet? Sorry, but I have bragging rights, don't ya know. Tuesday was Awards night for band, complete with a banquet. Well, the Baby Girl came away with the top award given to a graduating Sr.

"Since its inauguration in 1954, thousands of U.S. high schools have presented the John Philip Sousa Band Award to their most outstanding band student. The award recognizes those young musicians displaying superior musicianship, leadership, dependability, loyalty, cooperation, and other qualities of conduct which school instrumental music programs strive to impart. The Sousa award is the top nationwide prize in the school band field, both in prestige and appearance. It promotes the entire band by encouraging musicians to greater achievement and enthusiasm while providing an inspiring stimulus for potential instrumentalists. The handsome award reflects credit on both the band and the band director.
She was one happy kid! She also got the Concerto Competition Award; Master Musician Award; and a few recognitions for participating in different things thru the years. She will also be wearing a PINK cord on graduation day for participating in music and mantaining high grades as well as a GOLD cord for graduating with honors at graduation. She makes us proud!
Last night was prom night and I was a wreck. We haven't let her drive to the city before but she took a date who doesn't drive yet and insisted she didn't need us to drive her (can't blame her, but I was still a wreck). They had a blast and she was home 1 minute after her curfew! Whatta girl. Oh, pictures, you want to see pictures. Okay, here they are, the happy prom couple;
I didn't do this thinking of putting it on my blog, I just thought it was neat when they were admiring themselves in the door window. That's my neighbors red roof you see, and, um, the child didn't have her stole on too good, but, you can atleast see her dress. They were so cute!

She went to the big city (well, the biggest one we have around here) on Friday night and played with the college ochestra on the river. Her Band Director, assistant director and the middle school director went as well as the Band Booster President and his wife, just to hear our Baby Girl play. Not even graduated high school and she has a following already! Today at her church they had a surprise graduation party for her, but she's not home yet so I haven't heard all the details. She has had a busy, busy week! This next week is her last one before graduation practice starts. Did I mention she makes us proud?

So, how do we stay grounded? Did I mention I have 3 grandchildren? THEY keep us grounded. My middle granddaughter has to go into the hospital on Monday for some tests and will be there for atleast 5 days, with her mom, my oldest daughter. So, I get to go up and stay with the other 2. It's going to be a little crazy around here and I won't have access to my computer, so this will probably be the last post for awhile. I'm going to stay with the kids at their house at night, drive them to school each morning and then drive to my house, an hour away, so I can start getting the house presentable for the graduation party, then drive back to get them at school and back to their house for the night. So, by next Friday night (the Baby Girls Dinner Theatre Show) I'll be about pooped! But, with no computer access I plan to get alot done on my CeCe sweater, my green shell and maybe even my socks. So, keep that little one in your thoughts and hope they find the problem and she comes home all safe and sound. And, needless to say, her Mom (and grandmother, and great grandmother) is a nervous wreck.

I'm off to water some very thirsty flowers then I might knit awhile and then I'm taking a nice, long nap!

Have a great week and hopefully I'll post again in a week or so - complete with knitting pictures.


Mom (a.k.a. Mary Ann) said...

I enjoy reading your blog. You are further along in the blog techiques than I am, though.

One reason I enjoy you blog is that I can relate to you better than most. The majority of bloggers are not grandmothers as are we.

I hope things turn out okay with your granddaughter. Keep us posted.

Beth said...

I'll be praying for your granddaughter (and all of you). I hope things go well. Good luck with your hectic schedule!

Shez75 said...

Thanks Beth and Mary Ann! I'm heading up there now as the hospital didn't have a bed available till this afternoon! Jeesh, nothing like being on pins and needles for 4 days. Hopefully I'll be home by Mother's Day, if all goes well.

Mary Ann - I feel the same way (read your comment) and now I'm off to do the grandmotherly thing. No computer, so might just have a FO when I get back. Well, if my grandkids don't get me into playing softball, park hopping and all that good kid stuff.

Have a great week.

Anonymous said...


I love reading your blogs! And I love seeing what you "really think" about your kids and grandkids! You know what, at the end of the day we all think you are an awesome Mom and MaaMaa and a great friend!
I love the pics in the blogs and the one of Alex before prom was amazing! She looks so cute, even from behind. But what a cool pic like that. I love how your taking the pictures your taking now with the yarn and stuff your making in the flowers. That is so cool. It looks like professional pictures.
Love you and thanks for always putting up with us, even though we know you'd much rather have long quiet days at the house!
Love you,