Monday, May 01, 2006

Busy, Busy, Beaver!

I have been a busy beaver the past few days! Want to know what I've been doing?

This is where I do most of my knitting and computing. It's my new sunroom, complete with wicker glass topped table with 4 chairs. There's a wicker rocking chair and a chaise lounge in the room too, but not in this picture. This picture shows what I've been working on the past week. On the right of the computer are the invitations to the Baby Girls graduation, along with the invitation list, graduation party invitations, the address book, phone, my water to quench my thirst cause I seem to get lost in it all and forget the time. See the pink and white bag on the chair? That's my sock knitting bag with half a sock in it. Behind the laptop is my little TV that BTB got me just for this room. I have to keep up with the news! And, to the right of the computer is my knitting. The pink is my CeCe sweater which I managed to get several inches done on this weekend. The green is the back of my green shell. The bottle is handcream my friend gave me when I went up to visit her the weekend I stayed with my Baby Boy (it smells SO good - just like cinnabons!) and then my little basket full of my knitting paraphenalia. I have 5 windows opposite this table, a 15 pane door and then on the end are 2 oval windows and another door, so this room is bright and sunny and always cheerful! If you're not cheerful, do not come in my sunroom!!!!

Remember a picture similar to this a week or so ago? This is the Baby Girl practicing for her concerto. Well, last night was the big night. Wow! She was on stage for 12 minutes playing Concertino for B Clarinet and I know I'm her mother but dang, that child is awesome! I wish I could include a sound bite in here so you can hear it. She ROCKS!

I have about 4 inches of the front of my green shell done and hope to have the lace pattern done today, then it's all st. st. to the end. That'll go quick since I have more time to not think about what I'm knitting with all the stuff going on around here. Thursday is the Band Banquet, Friday the Baby Girl is playing with her chosen college (they're actually paying her to fill in the base clarinet spot) in the big city and Saturday is prom. More tears for this soon to be "empty nester" to shed. Next week is on to washing windows, mopping and waxing floors (I have all heart pine floors and they need some shine!) and getting rid of some cobwebs here and there. I love having company and love entertaining, but dang I HATE housework! And I really need to go shopping and find something to wear to the graduation, there's food to buy, decorations to buy, and a car that needs an oil change really bad! Maybe I'll manage to get it all done. Ya think?

Happy Knitting!

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