Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Life is Good!

I'm back! Wow, what a busy couple of weeks I've had. In order:

1. Watched my youngest and oldest grandkids for 8 days
2. Baby Girls Senior/Awards Night
3. Graduation and a house full of company
4. Graduation party and a yard full of company

My Granddaughter is doing fine and they've changed some meds and added a new one so she's on the right road. It was a long 8 days being cooped up in a hospital, but the other 2 and I made out great. Oh, and their Mom enjoyed 8 days in a king size bed between running across the street to the hospital to spend time with the middle grandchild. She could only visit from 11a.m. till 8p.m. so got some much needed rest every night/morning.

I ran back and forth from their home an hour away to my house, to clean and get ready for the graduation and party the next day. We made it, the party was great, everyone seemed to have a good time and the last guests left at 10:30. I figure that's a good indication that it went well since they all arrived around 3!

The Baby Girl is now officially out of high school and cannot wait for college to begin in July. She starts early and has to move in early because she's in the marching band. She got her diploma, graduated with honors and got the music seal and the college prep seal on her diploma. That's what she's been striving for these past 4 years and she did it! She wore a pink cord which is for being in band for 4 years and keeping up her A average in all classes and she also graduated with a gold cord and gold tassel for graduating with honors. She will go to college with a full scholarship, which will last all threw college as long as she maintains the A average.

Me, I'm still knitting when I find the time. Actually I got quite a bit done while staying with the grandkids, but didn't finish anything like I'd hoped. I've only just picked it up again after about a week of no knitting at all. Sometimes life just gets in the way. I haven't even used my May shopping for yarn day yet, but I'm hoping to order a few things and go to my LYS next week sometime when I go to the island to have my oil changed. Even my car is feeling neglected!

I've caught up on everyone's blogs and my e-mail, so now I'm going to spend the rest of this day in my jammies, working on my CeCe sweater, which I hope will be done really soon!

Here's some pictures to keep it all less boring.

Libby, Morris and Maggie enjoying the sunny deck with Mom

A flower, my favorite color, in a dish garden on our deck

Happy Knitting.


Mom (a.k.a. Mary Ann) said...

I'm glad your granddaughter is on the right track now. I don't know how you get knitting done when babysitting. I can't. The ones I ususally have are 18 months and 3 years old, so maybe that explains it.

Rebekah said...

Wow sounds like your daughter did some great things while she was in high school and achieved her goals.

Love the pictures!

Catherine Kerth said...

YEAH! congrats to your baby girl! full scholorship is great! love the pictures! CeCe is looking good!

Aarlene said...

YAY! Congratulations!
You're so busy busy busy.
Don't forget to take a breath or two for yourself.

Beth said...

I'm glad to hear your granddaughter is doing better. And congratulations to your youngest daughter on her achievements!

CeCe is looking beautiful! I was contemplating buying that pattern last night. I'm ready to knit my first sweater and I can't quite decide what to knit.

Shez75 said...

I'm going to try a trick from Bron II cause I just can't figure out how to answer you guys when you leave a comment and I DO LOVE the comments! Alteast I know someone is reading this.
MaryAnn - the 2 I watched are 7 and 8 and were in school most of the time I was there. They're now out for the summer, but they're with their Mom, not me. Whew! I take one at a time for a sleep over.
Rebekah - thanks! Yes, she is quite the little "go getter" and hated anything less than an A and worked like crazy to stay First Chair in all her instruments (clarinet being her first love, but she also play oboe, saxaphone, piano and drums, self taught). She's not sure what to do with all this free time she has now that she's graduated.
Catherine-Thanks, Cece is to the sleeves so I'm hoping I knock most of it out this weekend.
Arlene-I've been taking breaths-often! This has been a fun/sad/exciting time around here.
Beth-Cece is really fun to knit, fast (when life doesn't get in the way)and a great pattern. Try it!