Saturday, April 22, 2006

My Latest Projects

Finally! I've been trying to do this for a couple of days but the laptop didn't want to upload my pictures for some reason. I think someone was messing with the settings on my camera. Okay, all fixed now, so here's my April Yarn purchases and a few new patterns.

I thought the picture came out better than this, but, I'm not an expert picture taker. I bought some Phildar Licorne in red for this vest. It's even the color called for in the pattern. The green (love that color green) is to make this vest, which I've started and am about 5" into. I loved doing the lace pattern on the bottom and now it's all st. st. to the shoulders. It's fun, easy and did I mention, LOVE the color, but the yarn, or maybe the needles, makes my hands sore so I can't work on it too long.

I also got 2 Ann Norling crocheted vest patterns and I'll use up some stash yarn for those sometime.

I used 2 different picture programs to put these in and I've figured something out. When I use the My Pictures from Windows XP it takes forever for Blogger to load them, it's a bigger picture and when I used my other program it was almost an instant upload and the pictures are smaller. Jeesh, I really need to spend some more time fiddling with this thing. I used to play on the computer all the time but the past few years I've, well, been knitting and not computer playing.

Anyway, this was my April Shopping Spree and I'm sure it'll keep me going for awhile. When I need a break from the constant st. st. and my hands get sore I've been working on finishing up some stuff. I also get to sit in my new sunroom and listen to this. That's the Baby Girl practicing for her concerto next week at the Band Spring Concert, then again for Solo and Ensamble on Saturday. She makes us so proud!

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